Dynamomemter Control Unit_TI

Dynamometer Control Unit BME 400

The BME 400 offers hardware and software for the control and manual operation of an eddy current dynamometer, an AC machine or a hydraulic dynamometer and for the control of a combustion engine.

AVL Approach

The BME 400 has an ergonomically designed operating panel. Incremental encoders allow the exact setting of demand values. Proven algorithms ensure bumpless change of control modes. The LCD shows demand and actual values as well as parameter settings and operating menus.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Precise operation through excellent torque and speed control stability
  • Standalone operation
  • Bumpless change-of-control modes
  • Communication with a host system via hybrid or digital interfaces like CAN, Ethernet, RS232
  • Reliable and approved safety concept

Technical Data

  • Control and monitoring of a load unit
  • Real-time control system running at 1 kHz
  • Data acquisition via F-FEM-CON and F-FEM-DIO
  • Standard dyno interfaces to all AVL dynos (all other dynos on request)
  • Remote interface using RS232 (CAN and hybrid on request)
  • Interface to throttle actuator, clutch actuator, gear shift robot using RS232 (other interface on request)
  • Demand value setting via 3 incremental pulse encoders
  • LCD display for visualization of demand values, actual values, parameters and messages

Problem Solutions

Standalone Dynamometer Controller

AVL standalone dynamometer control systems have multiple interfaces for connecting to all types of testbed automation systems. To use the parameterization capabilities of AVL PUMA OpenTM, the standalone control system can be upgraded to be operated via the AVL automation system.