AVL Power Electronics Test Systems

Develop, test and validate power inverters

The power electronics test system provides a real-world environment for the development, test and validation of inverters. Individual and system level testing is possible for start-stop, mild/full hybrid, and full electric vehicles.

The Challenge

Electrified powertrains are complex integrations of electrical and mechanical components that have been tested and validated individually. Test environments must be able to test on both a unit and on a system level.

Real world test environment

  • Can all communication and interfaces between individual components be tested under real operating conditions?

Unit and system test level

  • How can troubleshooting and system issues be identified early?

The AVL Solution

The test system offers a range of voltages and currents combined with innovative software tools to emulate real world test conditions. The e-motor, its rotor sensor position and the battery are all emulated. The test environment can be used to test power inverters and AC/DC charging equipment for start-stop, mild/full hybrid, and full electric vehicles. It covers a broad range of applications such as hardware and software development, endurance testing and fault simulation.


The Added Value

  • Flexible, high-precision testing environment
  • Suitable for deployment in laboratory
  • Validation of maps even under failure scenarios
  • Test results easily and quickly available
  • Flexible, easy-to-use and configurable automation system
  • Full compatibility with AVL InMotion 4™ Real Life Test System
  • High reproducibility of AC and DC load cycles
  • Energy-efficient test system thanks to power recovery


The system consists of:

AVL Automation Platform
The proven AVL automation platform PUMA Open 2™ has been especially adapted for the testing of power electronics components. The system provides processing capacity for the automation, control and simulation software as well as the interfaces for I/O modules and other sub-systems, measuring devices and application systems.

Different systems and power classes out of the AVL E-STORAGE product line are available to supply the unit under test with energy. Due to its high level of dynamic performance, enhanced accuracy, broad voltage range and low residual ripple, the AVL E-STORAGE BE™ can provide a precise and stable voltage output or precisely emulate a real-world battery.

AVL E-Motor Emulator (Inverter Test Systems)
The AVL E-Motor Emulator (E-ME) is used for the precise emulation of the electric motor phase currents. The E-ME reproduces the exact behavior of an electric motor including its rotor position sensor.

Coolant conditioning systems
A coolant conditioning system with temperature and flow control mode is available to condition the coolant of an e-motor, power electronics or a battery. The electrical heating unit, which is integrated in the coolant-conditioning device, enables a rapid preheating of the coolant. All devices are prepared to be fully integrated in the testbed automation system.

AVL Power Electronics Chamber
A climatic chamber is used for environment simulation within the typical temperature and air humidity ranges as specified by endurance test recommendations for electric motors used in electrified powertrains of road vehicles. Due to its modular design the climatic chamber can also be added to the testbed at a later time.

AVL Grid Emulator
Due to its fully free programmable multi-phase high-power output the AVL Grid Emulator is able to simulate all worldwide grids. In addition, effects from real grids with harmonics and power failures can be tested.