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Market specific & leading technology

Cabin Development Solution for Agricultural Machines

Optimization & tailor-made multifunctional cabin - Integration of existing components to a complete working system

Designing the perfect fitting cabin is the challenge. The industry is dealing with the comfort and functionality requirements of end users in different markets.

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The Challenge

Developing a cabin fitting all requirements

  • How can we develop a tractor cabin fulfilling the market and user needs?
  • How can we develop a cabin by integration of existing components by considering that the outcome has to be a complete working system?
  • How can we develop a tractor cabin which will reach market leading functionality and success?


The AVL Solution

AVL offers a tailor-made cabin development for all kinds of agricultural tractors in order to achieve the perfect fitting cabin. Thanks to simultaneous engineering approaches AVL and the customers processes are perfectly aligned, this enables an optimized data exchange and therefore saves time. AVL offers expert know how in handling the development of variants to meet local requirements such as latest VO167/2013 frame directive, ISO/DIN and EC directives.


The Added Value

  • High system performance and short time-to-market due to AVL’s proven model-based-development approach
  • Smart solutions due to expert know-how of all relevant components and their system interaction
  • High product quality and low warranty risk by applying AVL’s unique validation methodology
  • Cabin type approval according to VO167/2013 (frame regulation)


  • Various cabin concepts
  • Ergonomic mock ups 1:1
  • Concepts for new exterior and interior styling according to ISO/DIN standards and EC directives
  • Design in different materials – steel, metal, plastic, composite etc.
  • Cabin (structure) simulation & tests
  • HVAC system design and optimization


Whole cabin from the integration of the styling pattern up to the cabin testing:

  • Air conditioning and heating verification in climate test cell
  • Vibration behavior of the cabin
  • Cabin suspension systems
  • Reduction of the noise level
  • Vibration / shaker test in hydro pulse test bed or ride on rough track
  • ROPS & FOPS pre test
  • Whole body and hand / arm vibration tests → EU-Homologation