Designing the parts together

Transmission Engineering

Passenger Car

AVL Transmission Engineering offers engineering solutions and services from concept investigations to series production including complete production programs. From the transmission itself up to the integration into the vehicle.



The Challenge

Find the ideal transmission / powertrain for the future

  • Which optimum powertrain / transmission system fulfills my needs best in terms of efficiency and cost?
  • Can the existing vehicle be upgraded with the latest transmission & hybrid technology?
  • How can emission challenges, driveability, NVH or comfort issues be solved?

Handle transmission, powertrain or vehicle work packages in time and cost

  • Manage internally or outsource transmission design, testing and validation or software, controls and calibration tasks?
  • Is there a local partner who can troubleshoot specific transmission problems?
  • Can tasks be outsourced to cope with vehicle variant complexity?


The AVL Solution

Transmission Engineering at AVL is a suite of engineering services that provide development support for state-of-the art powertrain solutions worldwide. These services are available via located in close in proximity to OEMs, thereby guaranteeing a very high degree of flexibility.

The range of services for transmissions include:

  • Concept definition, design & simulation
  • Prototype development, testing & validation
  • Control strategy & software development
  • Calibration services including emission, driveability and NVH optimization
  • Production launch & worldwide field support

Enhanced frontloading with AVL software tools and a seamless simulation platform from concept to validation and production ensure a highly efficient development process.


The Added Value

Based on AVL’s comprehensive and long-term experience, customers benefit from

  • Efficient and comprehensive solutions due to total system capability in all key areas of the powertrain – engine, transmission, e-motor, battery, controls
  • Tailored solutions based on leading transmission technology and unique AVL methods and tools
  • Enhanced product maturity due to gate-driven development processes connected to each customer project
  • Local support and testing facilities thanks to global network of transmission tech centers