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Tractor Transmission and Transaxles

The transmission/transaxle is considered to be the key component of a tractor. High functionality and efficiency define the value of the machine. Electronic systems secure operation in the optimum conditions for engine and transmission and guarantee the best efficiency of the whole machine in its application. Technologies like CVT (continuously variable transmission) and shifting under load are becoming standard solutions.


AVL Approach

Extensive engineering experience and the use of efficient development and simulation tools are the basis for AVL‘s innovative solutions. AVL has developed all types of transmissions/transaxles such as manual, automated manual, automatic and double clutch. AVL's core expertise includes:

  • Development of complete transmissions and axles or components
  • Simulation and evaluation of new technologies or new solutions
  • Automation of existing manual transmissions including software and control systems
  • Testing of transmissions and axles
  • Design assessments and consultancy

Customer Benefits

We provide senior specialists for tractor transmission engineering and at the same time share best practice and development methodology with other industries. In this way experiences in hybridization, hydraulics, electronics, electric drives and engine development are carefully evaluated and combined most effectively for every project. The technology level and development methodology are consequently extended by AVL internal research projects. This provides a solid basis to achieve the agreed results in cost and time and secures innovative products with high customer satisfaction.


  • Complete tractor development
  • Powertrain development for tractors, construction equipment and industrial purpose
  • Transmission projects from synchronized, CVT, powershift/shuttle
  • Development of control systems for engines, transmissions, integrated driveline for tractor