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Trainings for AVL Instrumentation & Test Systems

Get powered up to safely and effectively operate AVL equipment and competently perform a wide range of testing tasks.

We offer a comprehensive range of training courses from Product Trainings, Technology Seminars and additionally support you in drawing up Educations Plans tailored to your needs. Our trainings for AVL Instrumentation & Test Systems are arranged either as dedicated trainings for a single customer organization or as open trainings which are standard AVL training classes and seminars for participants made up of various customers.

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AVL Approach

High-quality, professional training classes at customer site or at AVL Training Centers provide first-class knowledge for competent, safe and reliable operation and the best utilization of test systems. AVL training courses are carried out by our specially qualified, professional trainers.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Cost-effective and professional learning process.
  • Increases the qualification and competence of staff members.
  • Ensures safe and reliable operation of test systems.
  • High quality of test results from the beginning.
  • Supports in developing specific test procedures.

Market Requirements

  • Performance - Competent, safe and reliable handling with test equipment, existing and new technologies, testing topics as well as legislative demands for engines/powertrains.
  • Geographic Reach - Training with local experts, who know the local language and who understand the national and local culture of the country.
  • Skills Management - Motivated and skilled employees guarantee the economic success of the company and competitiveness in the international market through shorter development cycles.

AVL Skills Center

AVL Skills Centers provide the perfect environment for fast and efficient learning. Modern classrooms are equipped with latest technologies for presentation and communication as well as a wide range of simulators and test equipment for practical exercises to ensure high quality AVL training classes. For 'real life' training classes there are fully equipped testbeds available for steady state and dynamic test applications.

AVL Skills Center

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