Proven and efficient solutions of vehicle's exhaust emission certification

Vehicle / Emission Certification

New vehicles must be tested and certified in relation to many different aspects before the operating license is issued. These aspects include, for example, driving noise, performance, consumption, emission and electromagnetic compatibility. AVL offers emission, fuel economy, greenhouse gas test, NVH and EMC solutions for vehicles on a chassis dynamometer, from small motorcycle and passenger cars up to light and heavy-duty trucks.

Because of the legal requirements, exhaust emission and fuel consumption certification is without doubt one of the most important fields of applications on chassis dynamometers. Exhaust emission verification and certification entail the determination of exhaust emission components such as CO, CO2, NOx and HC values with the aid of defined driving cycles driven by a human driver.

During the development process the goal is to minimize these exhaust emissions in accordance with to the specific legislation. After the design phase the exhaust behavior can still strongly be influenced during the application phase of the engine control unit. Exhaust emission tests can then be performed on the basis of these optimized settings, and certificates such as Euro 5/6 can be issued.

AVL Approach

The increasing complexity of modern powertrain systems with the close interaction of engine and transmission control units, or even a superior control unit, in combination with emission regulations requires joint testing. AVL vehicle emission test solutions are a seamless integration of all devices, systems and infrastructure and therefore adjustable to the complexity of the powertrain system and the development process.

The prerequisite for exhaust emission certification is that the configuration of the chassis dynamometer must comply with the legal requirements. These include, the exhaust emission measuring system, the vehicle fan and the climate control of the test cell. AVL vehicle emission test systems are also ready for future legislation such as "Real Driving Emission", by offering the possibility to transfer real road tests to the test.

Special test chambers e.g. with enlarged environmental simulation (temperature and/ or pressure) or SHEDS for testing fuel evaporation complete the AVL vehicle emissions test solutions.
Due to the most comprehensive measurement and testing technology portfolio AVL can provide all the needed supplies from our own product portfolio as:

Benefits at a Glance

  • Worldwide emission legislation fully integrated
  • Supports all R&D tasks and prepared for future challenges
  • Fully automated and high efficient operation
  • Highest accuracy, robustness and quality
  • AVL Vehicle Testing Systems torque vectoring tests of state-of-the-art powertrain systems