Exceptional driving with eco-power.


AVL vehicle engineering provides affordable measures for CO2 and fuel consumption improvement with vehicle attributes emphasizing the positive driving experience of end-customers. AVL offers services for the right choice of technical measures from powertrain to the complete vehicle deciding the balance between cost and interacting driving attributes.

Products & Services

AVL Vehicle Dynamics Engineering supports car manufacturers in creating a class leading vehicle character in order to gain a strong market position and at the same time solving the conflict of balancing vehicle dynamics and vehicle CO 2 .
A specific, distinctive vehicle attribute branding is essential to make cars unique and competitive. As a first step on the way, vehicle manufacturers have to benchmark their vehicles in the competitive environment in order to understand and to strengthen or improve the potential of their vehicles. AVL newly offers a comprehensive vehicle benchmarking analysis of the most important, recently released passenger cars. The objective assessment delivers an overview of results for ten main...

AVL 48V Mild Hybrid Solutions

Meeting final product targets reliably and fast.

For far more than 10 years, AVL has gained extensive experience with the 48-Volt Technology – both for Gasoline and for Diesel applications. Based on AVL's integrated system competence including all elements of a modern powertrain (engine & transmission, power electronics & e-machine, batteries and controls) and our know-how in modular up-grading of existing concepts we are able to deliver solutions for best driving pleasure combined with lowest Emissions and CO2 at beneficial cost.

Efficient driving pleasure


Vehicle Dynamics Simulation

AVL Vehicle Simulation including AVL VSM 4™ is the fast and accurate simulation package of tools and services that support calibration and vehicle dynamics engineers to predict vehicle behavior in the field of concept development, calibration and functional validation. Furthermore, AVL VSM 4™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITETM.

AVL ADAS/AD Development

For new levels of vehicle comfort, safety and efficiency

AVL is at the forefront of functional development for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving Features. The focus is on both the development and intelligent combination of functions, as well as on developing the methodologies and testing tools needed for timely implementation. The aim is to radically improve both objective and subjective vehicle comfort, safety and efficiency.

High qualified homologation support team

Homologation Support Solution for Tractors

Support of every single step of a type-approval

A lot of legal issues have to be considered in order to receive official approval and homologation for on road and off road traffic in different countries around the world. These legal issues create challenges for companies attempting to achieve homologation.

Engineering at its best

Tractor Engineering Solution

From first concept up to Start of Production - meeting time and cost targets

Flexible application diversity in a cost effective manner, productivity increase including precision as well as sustainability are driving the industry.

Market specific & leading technology

Cabin Development Solution for Agricultural Machines

Optimization & tailor-made multifunctional cabin - Integration of existing components to a complete working system

Designing the perfect fitting cabin is the challenge. The industry is dealing with the comfort and functionality requirements of end users in different markets.

Flexible customizable prototype assembly

Prototype Assembly Solution for Commercial Vehicles

Demonstrator assembly including parts procurement, documentation & change management

Especially, for new concepts a hardware demonstrator is necessary to verify basic functionality. The demonstrator is often used by the management and sales to decide whether or not to further invest and develop until production.
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