Drag, Stability, Handling


Aerodynamics is a multi-faceted discipline and as such requires the kind of holistic approach that AVL is known for. Drag reduction, stability and handling and even heat transfer and the extra dimensions that electrified vehicles are now bringing to the field, are all part of the complex tasks of aerodynamic optimization carried out by AVL.

From improving the layout of the front package of the vehicle by adjusting the position of heat exchangers to analyzing local heat transfer phenomena, our approach maximizes passive cooling, especially under the hood. Optimizing heat transfer and the position of components such as power electronics, inverters, in-wheel motors and e-axles, we increase overall efficiency while reducing complexity.

Working at component, system and vehicle level, our approach includes the simulation of steady state and transient airflows, conjugate heat transfer, 3D analysis of driving dynamics and aero acoustics. And beyond virtual modelling, we are also experts at physical testing in the wind tunnel, on airflow testbeds for components and systems, and on the road.