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Expanding Use of AVL BOOST for Aftertreatment Modeling at Cummins

Cummins performed an evaluation of available commercial exhaust gas aftertreatment tools at the beginning of 2011. Seven providers were selected and analyzed with the following high-level criteria:

  • Aftertreatment modeling functionality
  • Product cost 
  • Computational speed and robustness
  • Ease of use for model users
  • Ease of use for model developers
  • Product support
  • Supplier commitment to aftertreatment modeling
  • Computing items

BOOST Aftertreatment won this evaluation as the tool which delivers the most powerful, robust and complete solution. The flexible setup of any exhaust system configuration, the short simulation and the easy integration of Cummins own in-house catalyst models via user functions were governing the decision. BOOST AT can run detailed exhaustgas aftertreatment models on the National Instruments Real Time system NI Veristand (in use at Cummins) and has as well a consistent workflow from 1D to 2D and 3D in AVL FIRE. The worldwide local AVL support enables an efficient global use of BOOST Aftertreatment.