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AVL EXCITE™ Piston&Rings introduces the new 3D Ring Simulation

Presenter: Oliver Knaus
Language: English
27th of September, 2017 9:00 AM CEST   60 mins
This webinar has already taken place.
Are you ready to leverage your Piston Ring Simulation to 3D without additional effort while improving your results?
date and duration
27th of September, 2017 9:00 AM CEST
60 mins


AVL EXCITE™ Piston&Rings offers a reliable and affordable solution for the 3D piston ring simulation. Benefit from the fully automated ring modeler and stop wasting time on additional modeling efforts.

AVL’s 3D ring simulation considers ring deformation in all 6 DOFTs as well as the influence of bore distortion on blow-by, friction, wear and lube oil consumption. Take your simulation to the next level by running numerous additional investigations like non-uniform ring pre-tension distribution, loss of sealing due to ring winding, ring flank wear and dynamic ring stresses.

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