Impressive Views


2D and 3D post-processing of simulation results.

AVL Approach

AVL FIRE™ is a modern, complete CFD solution offering pre-processing, main program as well as 2D and 3D post-processing capabilities, supporting its users in simulation monitoring, visualization, analysis and presentation of results.

2D Result analysis

2D result analysis is performed in IMPRESS™ Chart, AVL's technical graphics and analysis tool that handles two-dimensional simulation result data quickly and easily in a way that allows plots and data configurations to be reused. The user can import data in a variety of formats, perform a range of mathematical and statistical analyses, and exchange data and graphics with applications integrated in the AVL Workspace. IMPRESS™ Chart features a comprehensive set of graphical styles, giving its users total control of each individual graphics element. The user can create plots of different types and layouts. Application specific reports can be easily created based on templates.

3D Result analysis

AVL's solution for 3D result post-processing, IMPRESS™ 3D, offers numerous functions enabling detailed result visualization and analysis. During the simulation it enables monitoring the convergence behavior and the result development by visualizing the residuals of the differential equations as well as selected results. Simulation results, both vector and scalar quantities can be displayed in two and three-dimensional "cuts" as iso-lines, iso-values, iso-surfaces and vector quantities can be additionally displayed as vector plots. Calculating streamlines, particle tracing as well as the visualization of droplet clouds is possible too. In order to analyze results IMPRESS™ 3D offers support on operations on three-dimensional result data, macros, formula capabilities, import of selected reference (testbed) data, user-defined scaling and color schemes. For result presentation the post-processor provides shading, blending and texturing options, manipulation of lighting and color assignments, inserting text elements, generation of plots in different formats and the generation of animations in mpeg and avi format.