AVL Lab Management™ for Emissions Certification

One solution to deliver the lab of the future

It is of great importance to find new possibilities that allow an emissions certification, development and research laboratory to work together as one. The challenge today is that most solutions are customized and require hours of programming, field-test downtime, and can take months to get up and running.

The flexible lab of the future
The AVL Lab Management Suite allows for tools to be shared across all lab environments, reducing training time and increasing efficiency. It connects off-the-shelf test automation systems, analyzers, instrumentation, PEMS and software to consistently execute required applications. On the market for more than 50 years and with hundreds of standard product installations worldwide, customers such as the U.S. EPA, Ford, GM and many more have benefited from our Lab Management Suite. Our host system is compatible with both AVL and non-AVL instruments and software.

Key Benefits

  • One solution that can be used across all lab environments
  • Flexible integration makes the system easy to sustain and update
  • Sustainable software architecture
  • Runs with simple configurations, no custom software needed

AVL’s Advantage
For the past 70 years, we have dedicated 10% of our turnover towards in-house research and development to keep our customers at the cutting-edge of technology and a step ahead of the competition. This dedication to advancing technology has led to more than 1,500 patents, over 6,000 installations of automation systems and 3,000 emission benches and more than 1,200 customer projects a year.