Construction Equipment

The construction equipment market is one of the most demanding but also exciting markets. Highest requirements and customer expectation in respect to robustness, reliability, initial costs, functionality, efficiency and comfort are driving factors.

AVL supports its customers in all the phases of the product life cycle to develop a product that will fully satisfy their customers and also end user. Together we will be able to develop the future. AVL supports the life cylce of the product beginning with:

  • Marketstudies and Benchmarks - those lead to the
  • Specification of the Concept Studies and Design Phase - which are followed by the
  • Testing & Homologation - supported by the
  • Production Planning & SOP (start of production) - accompanied through the
  • Production Support - and end with the
  • EOP (end of production)

AVL Approach

Understanding customer needs and the operation of the vehicle is the basis for successful products. Development teams with extensive experience in the respective business field secure qualified results  

  • Engine development including aftertreatment systems
  • Transmission and Driveline based on long experience in R&D
  • Designing of interiors & exteriors
  • Electrification and hybridization
  • Integration of redesigned drivelines and components
  • Electronic control systems for engine transmission and powertrain
  • Simulation tools that secure the result from the begin and save cost and time
  • Plant and production engineering to ensure seamless start of production
  • Test methods based on innovation and experience

One of the major challenges for the construction equipment OEMs is to manage the application diversity in a cost effective manner. Modular platform concepts and a strict design to cost process ensure low product cost. Sophisticated tools and methodology keep the development cost to a minimum.


Benefits at a Glance

AVL contributes to your development with highest competence in technology and professional project management. This ensures advanced technical solutions at clearly defined worksplit and minimum project risk.

  • Advanced technology solutions
  • Clearly defined development time and costs
  • A competent project partner
  • Qualified capacity on demand
  • Use of most modern development tools and methods
  • Global presence
  • Solutions are based on the wide experience available


  • Powertrain developments for construction equipment and industrial purpose
  • Numerous engine development projects for Tier/ Stage 3 and 4
  • Transmission projects from Synchronised, CVT, Powershift/shuttle, AMT to Dual Clutch Systems
  • Hybridization concepts for construction equipment drivelines
  • Development of control systems for engine, transmissions, hybrids and integrated drivetrains
  • Plant and Production Engineering for engine, transmission and hybrids