ICE 4_0.png

Internal Combustion Engine 4.0

Presenter: Dr. Günter Fraidl, Michael Weissbaeck
Language: English
In this free 60-minute webinar, Dr. Günter Fraidl, Business Field Manager Gasoline Engines, and Michael Weissbaeck, Business Field Manager Diesel Engines, will outline why and how the ICE will continue to be an essential and necessary cornerstone for future powertrain portfolios also in Passenger Cars. The "Combustion Engine 4.0" offers not only further improvements in fuel consumption but also a low level of pollutant emissions that can best be described as "Zero Impact Emission". This means that such future ICE´s will no longer have a negative impact on the imission situation in urban areas. With the e-fuels topic, the ICE also has the potential to become both CO2- and pollutant-neutral in the medium and long term.
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