Where Testing meets Virtual



Connecting development activities for a seamless workflow

As OEMs seek to make as many decisions as early and efficiently as possible, it is clear that simulation is the key to effective frontloading. To support our customers in achieving this, we have created Testbed.CONNECT™. This is a powerful open execution platform that connects simulation models to the test field.

Highest Simulation Performance on the Testbed

As part of AVL’s Integrated and Open Development Platform (IODP), Testbed.CONNECT uniquely closes the gap between simulation and testing. You can rely on safe and stable testbed operations. Additionally, you can focus on value-adding tasks, such as testing the numerous variants in an early stage of development. Especially by utilizing advanced office models, configuration changes are done immediately at the testbed.

Furthermore, it enables the frontloading of development activities, which otherwise could not be run until later on in the process or on the road. Moreover, our IODP products are not only compatible for a variety of testbed types, but also with third-party testbeds from different manufacturers. This enables the seamless integration of our tools into your existing development architecture.

Further Benefits

  • Easy and stable connection of simulation models to the testbeds
  • New testing possibilities using sophisticated simulations even without model compilation
  • Utilization of non-compiled models in conjunction with Model.CONNECT™
  • Re-use and continuous improvement of component and system models
  • Be future-proof with an open and independent platform