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AVL CRUISE™ is recognized across the industry as the most mature and advanced system-level vehicle powertrain simulation package. It has been designed to deal with the complexity of not just today's powertrain structures, but also those of the future, with an extremely flexible, user-friendly and easy-to-use concept.

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Battery development on a system level is supported by AVL CRUISE™ which includes a battery resistance model and other electrical components required to model and analyze any kind of EV/HEV drivetrain configuration including multiple electrical network levels within one vehicle.
Since control units are an essential vehicle part, supporting the development of different xCU by integration capabilities from MiL to SiL to HiL is one of the basic capabilities of AVL CRUISE™ and AVL CRUISE™ M. An overall system level simulation enables the analysis and development of different controllers, focusing on the interactions between different components and systems as well as separate, component-dedicated, control units. The open integration concept, with a wide range of...
AVL CRUISE™ supports E-Motor development with several different E-motor models from which the appropriate simulation application can be chosen. The map-based E-motor model with integrated inverter focuses on energy consumption and thermal behavior due to power losses while the fundamental wave E-motor model considers low frequency torsional dynamical behavior and interactions between the electric and mechanical system. Since the origin of the dynamic E-motor model is in AVL EXCITE™,...
E-mobility is a rapidly moving topic that requires highly professional solutions. Standards, regulations, market requirements and customer expectations are all changing quickly. Durable and reliable batteries are required to satisfy rapidly evolving needs and expectations.
Transmission development is supported by AVL CRUISE™ vehicle system simulation solution through different development phases. It enables the modeling and analysis of advanced transmission configuration like DCT, AT, AMT, CVT and any other innovative future transmission configuration. An additional fully integrated GSP module is designed to speed up work and efficiency in shifting strategy development from early concept phases onwards, as well as shortening the calibration process with...
AVL CRUISE™ as a vehicle system simulation solution fits perfectly into the vehicle development process from the concept phases on. Even when vehicle prototype is available, the same vehicle system model can be used to validate and improve the simulation model which is then re-used in next development cycle. AVL CRUISE™ supports the seamless vehicle development of any vehicle configuration from conventional vehicles to pure EV and the most complex and innovative HEV concepts.
Electrified Powertrain Systems integrate powertrain components such as internal combustion engine and transmission with electric components - electric motor, power electronics and high voltage energy storage, such as a battery. AVL's development of Electrified Powertrain System efficiently combines our expertise of the single components with our capabilities to integrate these components into a system optimized for fuel consumption reduction.
AVL CRUISE™ open integrative environment and AVL CRUISE™ M as multi-disciplinary modeling environment enables usage and structuring of different physical domain model to support the function development and calibration of various controllers which are essential part of the modern and future vehicle. Models can be plant and re-used in development of different controller (ECU, TCU, HEV, Aftertreatment, etc.) with a wide integration range to the main global control test platforms.
In hybrid concepts the most essential part is a controller which makes decisions about power management as well as taking care that components are used in an optimal operating range to lower energy consumption and extend component life. AVL CRUISE™ provides the proper modeling environment for this application with interface capability that allows seamless and consistent control function development and calibration.
The different detail and complexity level modeling environment offered by AVL CRUISE™ provides the capability to work with the transmission model with just the right level of fidelity throughout the entire function development and calibration process. Unlimited assembling capabilities allow for model reuse regardless of the transmission type, supporting the most innovative concepts before any HW prototype is available.
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