Model Based Development

AVL CRUISE™, AVL CRUISE™ M and AVL CRUISE™ M MOBEO introduce seamless control function development and calibration from MiL to SiL to HiL by using modularity with scalable model fidelity and an open integration concept.

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AVL Approach

The unique modular modeling concept of AVL CRUISE™ M allows for the setting up and switching between sub-systems with various levels of detail within a single model. This significantly reduces the effort of parameter changes and model maintenance, and also enables a quick adjustment to specific needs for different working environments. Usage of the same system solver optimized for office and RT applications, guarantees consistency with comparable and reproducible results over the entire development process. Interfaces applicable to a wide range of modeling and programming tools and control test platforms provide engineers with the openness to expand model fidelity in well defined areas and to incorporate into a seamless MiL to SiL to HiL development workflow.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Consistent, comparable and reproducible tests are possible even before the first hardware is available
  • A lower risk of missing critical operating conditions
  • Real-world environment constraints without actual risk for the driver and equipment
  • Lean and cost-efficient controller development workflow from design to testing phases