Make testing a smooth experience

AVL Smart Mobile Solutions™

Bridging the gap between the lab, the office and the road

AVL Smart Mobile Solutions™ are designed for testing and calibration activities in existing vehicles setups, bridging the gap between the lab,...

The road doesn‘t end here


A new way to speed up the validation and approval process of ADAS/AD systems


PLUtronize beyond limits

AVL PLUtron™

Fuel flow meter for close-to-engine application, component, engine and vehicle testing

With AVL PLUtron™ AVL provides unique fuel consumption measurement technology for the entire engine development process – from component testing,...

Innovative technical solutions


Our controller platform for autonomous driving development

The AVL ADAS ECU is a...

Reducing the number of test drives

Big Data Management and Analytics Platform

Fully exploit the value of your test drive and simulation data


Know your limits

Climatic Chamber Solutions

Simulating extreme environmental conditions for batteries, fuel cells, e-motors and e-axles in the testing environment

Batteries and fuel cell systems should be expected to operate safely and comfortably in any environments that drivers will take their vehicles....

Calibrate beyond limits

AVL Virtual Testbed™

Simplifying test complexity in the computer

The AVL Virtual Testbed™ provides a turnkey solution for virtual calibration with a consistent user experience. It makes model based development...
The AVL Magazine for Powertrain Development, Testing and Simulation

Durable and cost-efficient

PEM Fuel Cell Systems for Trucks and Buses

Clean power for all applications

Clean mobility technologies are becoming common for passenger cars. However, until now few alternatives to diesel have been found for heavy duty...

Seeing inside the fuel cell

Fuel Cell Stack Simulation

AVL has the tools to optimize fuel cell stacks for increased lifetime, safety and performance

The continued...

Seeing inside the cell

Cell Simulation for Fuel Cells

Virtual PEM Fuel Cell Development

As the quest to reduce...

Virtual integration of clean technologies

Fuel Cell Concept and Integration

AVL CRUISE™ M enables you to optimize your FCEV concept before any hardware has been built

The automotive...