Transmission and Driveline Simulation

Scalability is a central philosophy of AVL's simulation tool chain. The program portfolio offers transmission and entire driveline modeling capabilities on all required levels, matching the needs of diverse applications in component and control development and vehicle integration, from general system behavior to the detailed analysis of losses of single components.

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In order to achieve the aim of reducing weight for better performance and lower fuel consumption, component engineering of engines and powertrains continues to approach the limits of strength and durability.
While strength and durability limits are being pushed further and further, requirements for noise reduction are becoming more stringent. In addition, focus is increasingly being placed on transmission and powertrain noise because other sources could be reduced meanwhile. .
One of the primary motivations for developing AVL CRUISE™ M was to offer a comprehensive simulation environment that perfectly meets all the development requirements in the increasing complexity of Vehicle Energy Management Systems (VEMS) and to provide seamless development and optimization capabilities in that field.
AVL CRUISE™ and AVL CRUISE™ M introduce seamless control function development and calibration from MiL to SiL to HiL by using modularity with scalable model fidelity and an open integration concept.
The different detail and complexity level modeling environment offered by AVL CRUISE™ provides the capability to work with the transmission model with just the right level of fidelity throughout the entire function development and calibration process. Unlimited assembling capabilities allow for model reuse regardless of the transmission type, supporting the most innovative concepts before any HW prototype is available.
The analysis of transmission and driveline vibration and acoustics is part of AVL's highly advanced rigid/flexible multi-body dynamic software AVL EXCITE™.
Strength and durability analysis of transmission and driveline components is part of AVL's non-linear rigid/flexible multi-body dynamic software AVL EXCITE™.
The AVL CRUISE™ system simulation solution supports transmission development from concept phases onwards, with adjustable detail levels in transmission modeling. A quick and effective start to transmission development is ensured with several standard ready-to-use transmission configurations such as MT, AT, AMT, DCT and CVT. In detailed transmission development level, the results from the system level can be used as an input such as component and gear time based duty cycle, collective loads,...
AVL CRUISE™ as a vehicle system simulation solution supports seamless transmission development of any vehicle and transmission configuration from conventional concepts including MT, AT, AMT, DCT and CVT, pure EV and the most complex and innovative HEV concepts. Same vehicle model with added elastic elements can be used in virtual drivability assessment together with AVL DRIVE™. The open integration concept that supports world leading RT systems ensures the re-use of the same vehicle model in...
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