Next phase in AVL’s partnership with UCR CE-CERT to better support California’s emission goals.

AVL donates equipment, expertise to create the mobility lab of the future

Riverside, California — In an expansion of AVL’s partnership with the University of California-Riverside (UCR) Bourns College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT), AVL donated $1 million worth of emissions testing instrumentation and software to develop the mobility laboratory of the future at CE-CERT.

Kyle Kimel, president of AVL Test Systems, Inc., said this donation is the next step in AVL’s push for a more complete emissions training center and a new research hub for zero-impact emissions technology in Southern California. “AVL is partnering with CE-CERT because we share a common goal,” Kimel explained. “We both want to educate students entering the automotive or air quality fields and develop these future engineers and researchers,” said Kimel.

AVL modernized the CE-CERT light-duty testing facility with its road-to-lab workflow and advanced automation technology, meaning AVL is now better-positioned to provide top-of-the-line training courses and facilitate pioneering emissions research.

The automotive world is changing rapidly, and “zero” is now the most important number. Experts at CE-CERT’s new light-duty testing facility will address this challenge and work toward the strategic goals of zero emissions and zero vehicle accidents. The new testing facility will achieve this by focusing on areas such as electrification, dynamic energy and emissions management (DEEM), simulation, traffic patterns, ADAS, connected vehicles, and artificial intelligence. As the Internet of Things impacts vehicles more and more, the tools in this new facility will allow CE-CERT to stay on the cusp of the industry’s latest advancements.

Through partnerships with more than 45 universities and technical centers worldwide, AVL’s research activities are an incubator for innovative toolchains and services supporting the automotive industry to realize its mission of “zero.” AVL and its partners are developing cleaner solutions for the world’s transportation, energy and manufacturing industries, aligning with the ambitious goals outlined in California’s Climate Change Scoping Plan.