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Affiliate Business Manager – AVL North America

Voices of AVL: Mario Avigliano

The world is full of possibility – a sentiment that Mario Avigliano, an affiliate business manager at AVL, knows quite well. Over the years, Mario has built a career by recognizing and seizing opportunities. He embraces the unknown and welcomes challenges. This sense of adventure led Mario to AVL and across the world.

As a college student, Mario moved hundreds of miles from home to study telecommunications at the Polytechnic University of Turin. He enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that accompanied being on his own for the first time. After graduation, Mario worked as a telecommunication engineer, helping construction teams create the high-speed railway that spans across northern Italy.

As his career progressed, he took on various project management roles. During his first international project, he traveled from Turin to Sweden for one week of each month. “This was my first time working outside of Italy. It was also the first time I really had to speak English at work,” said Mario. “The experience changed my life.”

Mario’s focus shifted in 2015, when he became interested in the world of electrification. “I took my chance to move into hardware by becoming a project leader for inverters. I was able to change my whole career because electrification is a relatively new technology. The industry was looking for people with a new way of thinking—a mindset that I had.”

Mario’s background in telecommunications gave him a unique perspective and provided the skills he needed to succeed. A few years into his electrification career, Mario connected with AVL on LinkedIn. He soon began working for AVL Italy as an affiliate business manager specializing in electrification. At AVL, Mario worked with a variety of European OEMs, including Ferrari and Maserati. He found his job exciting and enjoyed having a new experience each day.

Then, in 2018, Mario sought out a new challenge across the Atlantic. In December, he embarked on his next adventure as an affiliate business manager at AVL North America, trading the coastal life for the picturesque landscape of Michigan. Currently, Mario is enjoying life in the U.S. He finds his job exciting and still seems to learn something new every day.

Besides the fluidity of his job, “the most beautiful thing about working at AVL is the melting pot of cultures,” commented Mario. “Working at AVL means you’re working with people from around the world. This is what makes AVL special; everyone has different points of view. Together, these perspectives help us create better solutions.”

Outside of work, you can find Mario enjoying the arts. He likes listening to music, and thanks to his wife, has a passion for cinematography. If you’re looking for a television show, he has many suggestions including his favorites: Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Mario also enjoys improv classes and thinks it’s a great way to conquer the fear of public speaking—and the fear of the unknown.

Undoubtably, Mario has created an exciting career. AVL values his drive and is proud to have him as part of the team.