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AVL Vehicle Development

With more than 100 AVL experts working on vehicle development-related topics within the US, this collaboration strengthens our team and allows us to serve our customers throughout the country.

The vehicle development team brings a diverse set of skills to one group, giving AVL the ability to coordinate between different groups on the customer end to provide a tailored and cohesive solution.


AVL-DRIVE is a unique tool that gives OEMs the ability to evaluate objective metrics to help define customer acceptance. This industry standard objective assessment and development tool defines elements to create a brand’s DNA, including (1) drivability, (2) ADAS, (3) ride comfort, and (4) handling.


  • Delivery of report with clear description of vehicle attribute characteristics
  • Applicable during every stage of the development process, from design phase to the final acceptance
  • Supports a frontloading approach to reduce development costs.
  • Improved alignment between skill teams and communication between engineering and management
  • Clear monitoring of development and quality process, to be applied in assessment, acceptance and validation 



Vehicle Benchmarking

Vehicle Benchmarking

Determining the competitive landscape is the first step to defining target areas for achieving efficiency and driving pleasure. Benchmarking programs are an established approach that provides OEMs with data to define development targets. This data helps engineers understand what measures need to be taken to improve potential challenges, as well as what aspects should be considered to stay on the leading edge of technology.

AVL’s Global Vehicle Benchmarking Program provides customers with an extensive database for objective comparison with market competitors for clear target definition and target tracking. The benchmarking program provides vehicle characterizations with physical key parameters and ratings for efficiency, emissions and driving attributes. Up to ten main attributes and up to 800 individual, objective criteria are displayed in competitor scatter bands.


  • Objective comparison to competitors from independent partner
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of driving attributes in the competitive landscape 
  • Fast identification of vehicles’ strengths and potentials for improvement
  • One-to-one comparison of vehicle data and results
  • Re-utilization of results through delivery of raw data from all measurements
  • Customized benchmarking available to suit needs of customer


  • Performance
  • Driveability
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Sound/NVH
  • Real Driving Emissions (RDE)
  • Pollutant Emissions
  • Energy Management
  • Friction
  • Ride Comfort
  • Vehicle Dynamics (Handling)

Vehicle Attribute Development

AVL vehicle engineering provides affordable measures for CO2 and fuel consumption improvement using vehicle attributes and emphasizing positive driving experiences of end-customers. AVL offers services for the right choice of technical measures, from powertrain to the complete vehicle, to decide the right balance between cost and interacting driving attributes.


  • Strong database with comprehensive metrics covering a broad range of attributes to support target setting
  • Robust toolset, such as DRIVE, CRUISE/CRUISE-M, VSM, that support vehicle systems, engineering cascade, and problem solving
  • Enables seamless linking of system models for more accurate vehicle projections and optimization using AVL Model.Connect
  • Extensive technical depth in conventional powertrain and electrification that provides the foundation for problem solving in Fuel Economy/CO2, performance, energy management, cooling, and thermal
  • Controls and calibration expertise that enables increased fidelity of vehicle models for optimization and problem solving


  • Prototype-free concept definition
  • Determine the best technology and right components to fulfill targets
  • Balance efficiency and driving attributes
  • Experience of different concept variants on driver simulator


Vehicle Demo Builds

AVL’s Vehicle Development Center is a 15,000 sq.ft. facility that specializes vehicle demo builds by integrating new and emerging technologies into existing production vehicle platforms. The facility includes workshops that are equipped with confidential partitions allowing AVL’s team of experts to work on multiple confidential projects simultaneously. The facility also has its own fabrication shop, electrical lab, and engineering office to meet each projects requirements.  


  • Single supplier capable of supporting vehicle projects from design and analysis to building a functioning drivable vehicle
  • Experienced calibrators and established benchmarking services allow for delivery of a complete vehicle package
  • Workshops equipped with confidential partitions to keep projects confidential


  • Design, modeling, and analysis of vehicle powertrain systems
  • System and controls design and implementation from modeling to full vehicle integration
  • Integration of systems and powertrain components into existing platforms
  • Electrification and hybridization of production vehicles
  • Vehicle fitment of sensors and systems for ADAS validation and function development



ADAS/Autonomous Driving

Using our comprehensive expertise in engineering, simulation and testing, AVL covers everything from system design, integration, calibration and validation services to tools and methods for development and testing. These AVL solutions can be customized to help you realize your ADAS/AD vision.

AVL performs vehicle level ADAS performance benchmarking and key performance target setting using the following AVL tools:

  • AVL-DRIVE Autonomous provides objective performance metrics and detailed vehicle parameter information.
  • AVL's ADAS/AD toolchain provides precise and human centered definition of ADAS/AD vehicle level KPIs.

AVL also offers services for ADAS system calibration, verification and validation by:

  • Performing desktop scenario simulation using AVL VSM and VIRES VTD + Carla (open source), along with our partner Metamoto.
  • Providing human-in-the-loop edge case assessment using AVL's Six Axis Simulator.
  • Developing Vehicle-in-the-Loop (ViL) simulation and scenario assessment with AVL DRIVINGCUBE.
  • Providing vehicle perception system validation and ground truth recording through the AVL Roof Top Data System.
  • Providing fleet validation through AVL-DRIVE Autonomous Fleet Monitoring.
  • Performing ADAS/AD calibration efficiency enhancements and performance target confirmations with AVL-DRIVE Autonomous.

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Three Locations – One Goal

AVL’s vehicle development team provides customer project support from three locations in the U.S.