AVL ConsysAir


The precise adherence to predefined values for intake air temperature, humidity and pressure significantly improves the stability of the engine`s operating conditions and therefore also the repeatability of measuring results at combustion engines.

AVL Approach

There is a fare range covered by the 4 standard units. For special applications, specially designed systems can be delivered. The customer can choose between three different modes:

  • Closed connection to the engine intake with pressure control (steady state engine operation)
  • Closed connection to the engine intake with pressure control (dynamic engine operation) 
  • Open connection to the engine intake (using funnel) for temperature and humidity control only. Climate chambers and altitude simulations of several 1000m enable the simulation of extreme conditions on the testbed

Benefits at a Glance

  • Optimized commissioning due to an established interface to AVL-PUMA as well as simplified interfaces for third-party automation systems
  • The intake air's temperature, humidity and pressure can be predefined, irrespective of the actual ambient conditions at the testbed
  • Excellent repeatability of the measuring values increases the efficiency of the test cell
  • Compact and mobile design enables easy movement between different testbeds
  • Test time saving by more repeatability measurement results
  • Stable pressure control at dynamic test runs are possible by using the "Dynamic Package" option

Market Requirements

The performance and emissions of an internal combustion engine depends strongly on the intake air's parameters. It's essential for modern engine testbeds to control these parameters with a high degree of accuracy in order to increase the efficacy and quality of the development/certification.


Altitude simulation with AVL ConsysAir
Altitude simulation with the standard AVL ConsysAir already enables you to run altitude simulations in a range of several hundred meters. On request, this range can be extended to 5000 meters even at dynamic engine operation.

Technical Data




CA 400, 800, 1600, 2400

Typical application

Intake air conditioning / height simulation from pre-development up to racing applications

Standard control range

Temperature and accuracy

15 bis 70°C +/- 0.5°C

Advanced1 control range

Temperature and accuracy

-40 bis 90°C +/- 0.5°C

Adjustment time temperature

< 60 sec.

Standard control range

Pressure and accuracy

+/- 100 mbar of the ambient pressure +/- 1 mbar

Advanced1 control range

Pressure and accuracy

-400 bis + 200 mbar of the ambient pressure +/- 1 mbar

Adjustment time pressure

< 30 sec.

Advanced1 adjustment time pressure

< 3 sec. (Dynamic Package)

Standard control range

Moisture and accuracy

8 bis 20 g H20/kg dry air

Advanced1 control range

Moisture and accuracy

4 to 34 g H20/kg dry air

Standard flow rate range

400 to 2400 m3/h

Advanced flow rate range

Up to 7200 m3/h


Starts with  2420 x 1050 x 1950 mm

(L x W x H)


Starts with 800 kg

1Advanced = options or modifications


The ConsysAir combustion air conditioning unit has been delivered 400 times around the world. There have also been a large number of customer-tailored systems for extreme conditions. These have included pressure ranges from -500 mbar to +200 mbar and temperatures from -40 °C to +90 °C.

Control Principle

The required air conditions are achieved by cooling (drying) and subsequent heating and/or moisturizing.The desired pressure will be produced by the blower or decreased by throttle valves. An internal air re-circulation system provides high control response also at low air flow rates.