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Simulation Solutions

AVL offers comprehensive simulation solutions covering multi-physical component and system simulation requirements and thus enables engineers to efficiently develop clean and energy-saving powertrain concepts as a powerful backbone of the development process.

Why Choose AVL as a Simulation Partner

High Fidelity System Simulation Models
AVL provides fully interactive and integrated tool chains including AVL's own software tools and third-party software tools. In order to obtain the most benefits throughout the development process, we created consistent simulation models for all of the development phases: fast simulation models together with DOE and optimization for the concept phase, very accurate simulation models for the design and development phase and real-time simulation models parameterized by highly accurate simulation models for engine and powertrain calibration.

Powertrain Engineering Inside
AVL's extensive engineering expertise is the strong basis for all of our software tools and methods. By analyzing the powertrain development processes, we have defined software application tasks which cover all of the aspects of powertrain development. In order to hide the complexity of these tasks, we placed the emphasis on application-focused workflows which guide the user through to practical engineering solutions. Simulation results are displayed in the same easy-to-interpret way as test results.

Close Link to Testing
AVL's software tools are closely linked to and compatible with AVL's instrumentation and measurement tools. More and more, it is becoming a requirement to provide the development engineer with simulation results directly on the testbed based on test results. This leads to more insight into the powertrain, and subsequently a shorter test cycle.