Measure and Control

Single Cylinder Research Engines & Compact Test Bed

For development of engines, components, alternative fuels and lubes; with transparent access into the combustion chamber. Compact test bed solution and peripherals.

AVL Approach

Working with our single cylinder research engines offers the significant advantage that the prospects of success are tested under realistic engine conditions long before new concepts are applied to the full engine.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Engine versions from small passenger car to heavy duty truck engine size
  • Modular design concept allows easy conversion into customer specific engine versions
  • Versatile GDI cylinder head with highest flexibility in tumble and injector installations
  • Optical top-works for application of modern laser supported measuring techniques
  • Truck size single cylinder engines for max. combustion peak firing pressures > 300 bar

Technical Data

Single Cylinder Research Engines






Rev. speed

Peak pressure

Series 540
Pass Car Size




65  ... 100 mm




60  ...  95 mm



0.2 ... 0.75 l



8000 rpm



20 MPa

Series 580
Light Duty Size


80 ... 110 mm


90  ...  130 mm


0.45 ... 1.2 l


5000 rpm


20 MPa

Series 530
Heavy Duty Size



110 ...145 mm



120 ... 170 mm



1.2 ... 2.8 l



3000 rpm



30 MPa



Single Cylinder Compact Test Bed

Asynchronous Dyno, water cooled
       Power      60 kW   (from 3000 - 7950 rpm)
       Torque  180 Nm  (from         0 - 3000 rpm)
Torque Measurement
HBM torque flange 0.5 kNm

      L / W / H   2150 / 1200 / 1300 mm
      Weight     ~2400 kg

Product Range

Single Cylinder Research Engines and Compact Test Bed
AVL's single cylinder research engines cover everything from small passenger car engines up to large truck engines. Engines equipped with transparent top-works offer optical access to the combustion chamber even under fired engine operation. The AVL single cylinder compact test beds are the ideal combination of engine and test bed for the professional operation of single cylinder research engines.

Product properties

  • Bore diameters from 65 to 145 mm, displacement from 0.2 to 2.8 liters and maximum combustion peak firing pressure higher than 30 MPa
  • Best suited for basic research and investigation of fuel injection and combustion phenomena
  • Possibility of R&D projects at AVL's internal transparent engine laser laboratory