Calibration, Verification, and Validation of ADAS/AD

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ADAS Calibration Testing and Validation

The automotive industry has to overcome several complex challenges in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD): Aspects such as robustness and safety of the functions play a key role. The parameters for this are stipulated by standards and legislation as a minimum requirement. In addition, brand-specific and market-specific expectations of end users regarding the performance of the functions must be fully met.

At AVL, we have the appropriate experience and infrastructure to cover calibration, testing, and validation holistically and comprehensively, no matter whether for the introduction of new ADAS/AD generations or a broad roll-out to a wide variety of derivatives and variants. Furthermore, we have one of the most modern and comprehensive proving grounds in the world, with modules developed specially for ADAS and AD. In addition to an experienced team, we also offer innovative methods for validation on public roads to achieve targets optimally regarding test coverage and variety of scenarios.

Thanks to our many years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the entire vehicle, we can plan, efficiently carry out, and evaluate testing in all environments. This makes us a trustworthy, reliable partner in the field of ADAS/AD, because we know exactly what is important, and how to ensure customer satisfaction immediately and in the long term.

We present our methodological expertise, including process expertise, transparently and are open to integration into the customers' own processes.

ADAS Demo Car Cockpit

Compensating for Lack of Capacity Competently

An abundance of new vehicle models plus numerous variants come onto the market every year. There is often simply a lack of testing resources for validating the corresponding assistance systems.

We support you in compensating for these bottlenecks and in executing test programs comprehensively, reliably, and cost efficiently.


ADAS Validation Testing ZalaZone

Knowledge Is Key

With the increasing number of models and variants, the demand and scope for testing increase. Detailed knowledge of the current and upcoming legislation and requirements of the various markets is necessary to be able to carry out the required tests in a targeted manner. 

Make use of our comprehensive knowledge to identify the different legal requirements on the various continents and thus successfully bring new generations, derivatives, or niche applications of existing products to the market. Benefit for you: maximum reliability – without compromising on safety, quality, and robustness.

ADAS proving ground top view
ADAS Testing Validation Calibration ZalaZone

Finding the right balance is particularly important when testing automated functions: For a start, the legal requirements, such as the General Safety Regulation (GSR) in Europe, must be met. Since there are only a few specific must-haves for AD, maximum test coverage is necessary here in order to guarantee safety with minimum effort. Too few tests could result in safety gaps and thus in unsafe driving situations. Too many tests take up a lot of time and incur high costs, and do not automatically lead to additional insights.

We can carry out targeted, high-quality tests in the best combination of environments for you or with you. You can rest assured that all legal, market-specific, and customer-specific requirements are considered.

  • Solutions for complying with legal frameworks, standards, and market-specific performance
  • Full implementation in all test environments (from virtual to test track and road)
  • Our innovative methods guarantee maximum quality and development efficiency 
ADAS Calibration Testing and Validation
AVL Sensor Lab
Mobility and Sensor Test Center

The mobility revolution is creating more diversity on our roads. The growing number of different means of transportation such as bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters also inevitably enhances the risks for vulnerable road users.

AVL Zalazone
Proving Ground Calibration and Verification

To validate your ADAS/AD systems, we provide engineering services with proven processes, methods, and tools that allow us to cover the entire spectrum effectively and efficiently – from preparation and execution to evaluation of results.

Real World Driving
Real World Testing

As an engineering service provider, we support you with the development, testing, and implementation of assistance systems. We analyze and evaluate the market requirements, and test the systems public roads in real-world traffic conditions.

Cybersecurity Management

Our cybersecurity portfolio is targeted to support OEMs, Tiers and certification bodies with engineering services and tools within the complete process, from development to in-use phase.

Solution Sheet ADAS Verification & Validation
Whitepaper General Safety Regulation 2022


Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of calibration, testing, and validation of ADAS and AD. 

Zalazone Opening
AVL Opens New Vehicle Engineering Center With Direct Access to Proving Ground

With the new vehicle engineering center, AVL established a unique engineering facility to test conventional and future vehicles in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

AVL Opens New Center for Mobility and Sensor Testing in Roding

Innovative Test Infrastructure for Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving

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