Next Generation Vehicle Engineering

Engineering a Better Future

Whether passenger cars or commercial vehicles – we factor in existing and new technologies as we bring your individual requirements in line with end user expectations. Our focus is on virtual and functional vehicle development, as well as integration of the vehicle systems into the vehicle. 

Next Generation Vehicle Engineering

New energy sources, software-defined vehicles, automated driving – there are numerous challenges in modern vehicle development.

AVL is supporting the automotive industry as it moves towards the new era of mobility. Whether passenger cars or commercial vehicles – we factor in existing and new technologies as we bring your individual requirements in line with end user expectations.

Our focus is on virtual and functional vehicle development, as well as integration of the vehicle systems into the vehicle. 

We pay attention to the balancing of the vehicle attributes and other affected vehicle systems and sub-systems. The result is a homogeneously harmonized vehicle concept. We use advanced simulation and a custom-developed toolchain, as well as the latest generation of hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) and software-in-the-loop (SiL) testbeds, for targeted frontloading. This allows you to save time and reduce costs, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

The market is undergoing transition. Megatrends such as battery electric vehicles (BEV), the software-defined vehicle, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving (ADAS/AD) are changing the market on a large scale and permanently. Software and battery system are becoming integral parts of the vehicle concept. This requires knowledge of the entire vehicle and its interacting subsystems. Chassis, thermal management, electrics/electronics (E/E), and ADAS must be harmonized with the driveline and other vehicle systems. This is the only way to integrate all systems and thus end up with a balanced finished product.

It is against this background that we expanded our portfolio and are now one of the leading providers of solutions for the entire development process – from driveline to whole vehicle. Our services cover both future vehicle architectures and platform solutions. In addition, we develop and integrate new drivelines and energy sources, E/E systems, chassis, thermal management, and modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

BEV Propolsion System

Rapid Market Launch

Going into series production quickly is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. Costs should also be as low as possible, and quality as high as possible. 

We use specially developed methods and exploit all virtual options to help you achieve your goals faster: We can formulate and verify the technical basis early on, thus bringing the start of production (SOP) forward significantly.

AVL BEV Sedan with Chassis

Customer-Oriented Vehicle

The connected vehicle should be balanced and sustainable, as well as economical to manufacture and operate.

Our holistic perspective and our functional orientation throughout the development process enable us to bear all these topics in mind at all times. We harmonize all the requirements for the vehicle systems in terms of function and attributes, thus supporting you in developing your vehicle consistently at a very early stage.

Customer centric approach to Vehicle Engineering
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  • Vehicle Development
  • Development and Integration of Vehicle Systems
  • Development of Vehicle Functions and Software
  • Thermal Management and HVAC
Peter Schoeggl

The future success of vehicles is determined by their functionality. We help our customers to not only meet legal requirements, but also to consider the needs of consumers at all times.

– Dr. Peter Schöggl, Head of Business Field Vehicle and Motorsport

In order to position vehicles in a market segment successfully and meet customer requirements, we make use of proven engineering skills, functional development, and attribute engineering. With our reliable systems engineering approach, which we combine with the latest virtual validation methods, we balance the sometimes contradictory effects of vehicle attributes. These include:

  • Passive safety vs. vehicle weight
  • Battery configuration  vs. seating comfort
  • Rear-wheel drive vs. spaciousness 
  • Modularity vs. scalability of platform
  • Battery width vs. vehicle width

After all: A balanced compromise is crucial to convince the end user of your product. We always meet legal requirements and ensure that your vehicle has unmistakable characteristics.

Explore more about Function-Based Vehicle Development

Vehicle Dynamics Development

Vehicle Development

AVL Sedan with Propulsion

When developing new vehicles, we focus on functionality; from target definition to evaluation. Considering the whole vehicle enables us to ensure ideal vehicle functionality and fully optimize individual components. Benefit from our extensive portfolio:

  • Function-based and system-based vehicle development and evaluation, factoring in platform, packaging, E/E, energy management and thermal management, handling, and dynamics
  • SOP development with engineering partners; from defining targets to start of production
  • Supplier selection and qualification, definition and monitoring of supply chain as well as production technology

Development and Integration of Vehicle Systems

AVL Sedan with Fuel Cell Propulsion

During integration, it is important to resolve and reconcile conflicting goals of vehicle attributes and systems. For example, a long range also requires corresponding battery capacity. Which means more weight. However, in order to ensure stable cornering and driving dynamics, the whole vehicle should be as light as possible.

We use our methods and tools to develop innovative solutions for all vehicle systems. This makes it easier for you to manage the growing complexity of the whole vehicle and its subsystems, and you get a vehicle that is balanced in every respect.

Development of Vehicle Functions and Software


Electrification in particular requires new vehicle architectures. And the function development and integration of E/E and software is becoming a time-critical task.

Our holistic functional approach helps you to significantly reduce development time. Our corporate organization is also set up functionally, which allows us to access all necessary development resources quickly and efficiently for cross-system functions. Through holistic simulation and our own toolchain, we facilitate optimal frontloading.

Thermal Management and HVAC

Thermal Management and HVAC for Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

Cooling and air conditioning are becoming increasingly important, especially in battery electric vehicles. On the one hand, it is important to create pleasant conditions in the vehicle cabin, on the other hand, the individual components also have their "comfort zone". Both must be taken into account for efficient thermal management.

We support all driveline layouts, from the initial concept to SOP, with intelligent control measures. These include heat pump solutions, new coolants, predictive air conditioning control, and innovations for autonomous driving. Our services cover the following topics:

  • Thermal comfort
  • Thermal conditioning
  • Intelligent operating strategies
  • BEV thermal management
  • Fuel cell thermal management
  • Component technology

From the smallest increase in efficiency to the complete vehicle – you can always rely on us as your partner:

  • In-depth knowledge of the field of drive development and deep understanding of integration into the whole vehicle. 
  • In-house simulation tools that shorten and simplify the development process. A high level of model quality enables future vehicle behavior to be predicted early on.
  • Cross-divisional focus on vehicle functions. No matter in which system the function is located – we focus on it, thus avoiding competing system layouts.
BEV Propolsion System

With our global offices, you can count on fast support anywhere. Our highly qualified, experienced development team provides numerous technical vehicle services.

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 engineers in the fields of concept development, simulation, function development, and integration of passenger cars


engineers for the development of SUVs and cabins


engineers in truck and bus development 


engineers in the fields of ADAS and AD


engineers in the development of thermal systems and HVAC


Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of vehicle engineering. 

Zalazone Opening
AVL Opens New Vehicle Engineering Center With Direct Access to Proving Ground

With the new vehicle engineering center, AVL established a unique engineering facility to test conventional and future vehicles in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

AVL Opens New Center for Mobility and Sensor Testing in Roding

Innovative Test Infrastructure for Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving

AVL Opens New Battery Innovation Center

Optimized development of battery functions and manufacturing processes

AVL Opens New Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Test Center in Graz

Greater test capacities for innovative energy and propulsion solutions

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