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We are in an age of transformation. The automotive industry is shifting from traditional transportation to new propulsion systems and software-defined vehicles. The high complexity of functional systems and their vehicle architecture continues to increase, simultaneously impacting product development and validation as well as in-use applications. Software plays an integral role not only in the vehicle development process, but also in the driver experience. Today, consumers expect more intelligent, comfortable, and safe mobility. To achieve this, we combine our deep application know-how with our software development capabilities and cutting-edge simulation and testing solutions. Moreover, we provide tailored solutions for E/E platforms, ADAS/AD, functional safety and security, artificial intelligence (AI), and embedded systems – all meeting the highest automotive quality standards.

What Drives the Automotive Software Market Today?

Market and legislative drivers for cleaner mobility, alongside innovation in the drivetrain and technologies such as automated and connected mobility, are changing the way vehicles are built. Similarly, as end users become more sophisticated, they expect a richer driving experience from their vehicle, in terms of human-vehicle interface, comfort, driveability, and connected technologies they are already familiar with in their home, work and personal lives.

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We Enable You to Get to the Market Faster

We strive for reducing time-to-market and complexity of daily development efforts by providing the right solutions to tackle design, verification and validation challenges in a mixed virtual/real environment. Our solutions range from simulation, virtualization, test automation, and in-vehicle development to car software and ADAS/AD for next generation mobility. We place innovation at the heart of development, making sure our software is not only ready for today, but designed for future challenges.

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Software Innovation, Engineering Legacy and Application Insight

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The vehicles of tomorrow are more complex than ever, featuring a wider variety of highly integrated drive configurations and sub systems, interconnected functions and increased relevance of safety requirements. In parallel, it is key to drive efficiency and reduce time to market, frontloading practices that manage complexity and cut costs. Moreover, there is a high demand for complete tailored end-to-end solutions for cutting-edge development architectures, and proven approaches. Choosing AVL as your partner can realize the full potential of your products for today and tomorrow. We help you to synthesize your established design and development processes, with the innovations needed to safeguard your future growth.


We have a proven history of mastering challenges by applying our application know-how to emerging technologies. At AVL, we deliver software solutions to solve our customers’ demand for smarter mobility based on our experience in the fields of next generation vehicles, e-mobility, automated and connected mobility and ICE.

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Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Development

Future vehicle architectures are software-driven – our focus is the development of technologically leading software and electronics system solutions for intelligent and ecologically compatible mobility. We offer embedded software solutions as well as development support along the entire V-cycle and agile developments methods. With an ASPICE-compliant and mature development process, proven methods as well as high performance simulation and validation tools, we deliver tailored software and electronics solutions based on the highest automotive quality standards for the mobility of tomorrow.

Our comprehensive offering

Our solutions include E/E platforms, ADAS/AD, functional safety and cybersecurity, and software integration and connectivity. From embedded software, we branch out into connectivity and cloud solutions while using artificial intelligence and data analytics to cover the whole spectrum of software-defined vehicles.

E-mobility applications

We also offer flexible, modular software functions with a mature system architecture that can be applied to all e-drive applications - from prototype to series production - to help optimize the performance and efficiency of the electric powertrain.

Simulation, Test Software and Methodology

Simulation, Testing Solutions and Methodology

Our simulation and testing software supports you at every step of the development process. With our simulation solutions, we deliver high-definition models and insights into the behavior and interactions of components, systems, and entire vehicles. Virtualization enables system validation tests in early development phases, reducing your need for vehicle prototypes while ensuring highly repeatable test conditions. Our lab management solutions support the smooth operation of test labs and related workflows combined with data management and advanced analytics to nurture data-driven development.

Harnessing machine learning and test system automation

State-of-the-art test environments handle complex tasks, facilitating virtual development and test execution on the testbed. Executing project plans, maximizing testbed utilization and avoiding useless testing is crucial.

Bridging the gap between the virtual and the real world

Additionally, you can leverage a development platform that is open for third-party tools and integrates seamlessly into your development ecosystem. Simulation and testing capabilities are interlinked with continuous software development and integration cycles.

Our employees have extensive experience in their fields. But we are not just specialists, we also share a passion for solving problems with technology. Our work never ends - we are always looking for new ways to use software to help businesses make better decisions, and we are always looking to develop new tools and solutions that enable our customers to do the same.

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As a mobility technology company with a relentless pioneering spirit and more than 70 years industry experience, we understand changing automotive landscapes, market and consumer demands. We support OEMs and organizations on their transformation journey with our engineering, simulation and testing competences.

Simulation, engineering and testing
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