Data Management With Data.CONNECT™

The Modular and Scalable Data Management Solution for Your Enterprise

Meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with this modular data management solution for data harmonization, integration, search, exploration, and automated processing.


Data.CONNECT™ is a highly standardized and modularized data management solution for harmonized data integration, search, exploration, and automated processing. No matter where and on which level of the development process the data is generated, the system manages heterogeneous data in a consistent and synchronized way to meet current and future challenges. It logically connects data from various sources all over the development process.

Modern automotive test laboratories are complex and expensive. Advanced equipment, demanding test schedules, staffing requirements and the constantly evolving requirements of legislation and markets make efficient lab utilization an important goal. Getting the most out of your investments is vital if costs are to be reduced and productivity maximized.

Search for Data

Different data types

Heterogeneous result data from the entire development process must be evaluated and validated.

Too many tools

Manual harmonization through desktop tools across multiple data sources is ineffective and causes quality issues.

Data instead of knowledge

Result data without context describing metadata is worthless.

High manual effort

Result data backlog due to 24/7 testing and missing automation.

Legal requirements

The legislator demands traceability over the entire life cycle of the data, from integration to manipulation to archiving.

Data hygiene

Quality and efficiency problems due to lack of data hygiene. This results in wrong, outdated and/or multiple created quantities.

To address all of your business needs, we ensure data quality that leads to time-saving and optimal test productivity. Additionally, if our highly standardized modules are not fit to your landscape, or you have individual requirements, we offer comprehensive business analysis and consulting as part of our holistic solution.

To find the best solution for your requirements, we offer professional services to bring your project idea to life – always with the goal of industrialization. In accordance with industry standards like ASAM ODS, Data.CONNECT is also open for third party systems. This solution leads to high quality data, reduced time-to-market and highly effective testing.

Lab Management
Lab Management


Compliant with industry standards like ASAM ODS ensures hard- and software supplier independence.

Modular architecture

The software service architecture provides individual lifecycles for each module, which guarantees a state-of-the-art overall solution.


Quality and efficiency boost by fully automated, standardized and scalable data integration.


  • Integration of any heterogeneous result data based on the ASAM-ODS standard
  • The context between measurement data and descriptive metadata is created during the integration process
  • The automated harmonization provides ready-to-use data for the development


  • Interactive and/or scheduled batch processing 
  • Server-based reporting, data enrichment and calculations


  • Content Search is a fast web search within indexed measurement and descriptive metadata to have the complete context picture
  • Continuous, scalable data integration and
  • synchronization with near real-time index update 
  • Down-sampled mass data – allow fast preview with drill down to measurement points for all sources/formats
Marco Weber

Generated data and insights are core elements of the validation and verification process. Data.CONNECT helps harmonize and contextualize data. Additionally, it offers advanced search options and enables automated analytics processes in combination with analytics tools.

– Marco Weber, Senior Product Manager, AVL

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Data.CONNECT™ Brochure

A overview of our Data.CONNECT solution, inculding descriptions of each module.

Data.CONNECT™ Solution Sheet

Comprehensive information and technical details.

A New Age of Collaboration

A whitepaper on step-by-step integration.


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