Fuel Cell Development for Electric Vehicles

Accelerating the Sustainable Mobility of the Future

We make your fuel cell technology more durable – and even more reliable.


Are you developing Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) – or parts for these? AVL supports you as the industry leader for development and validation of polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) and solid oxide fuel cell systems (SOFC). Our technical expertise and our renowned test solutions make us the partner for you when it comes to innovative carbon-neutral propulsion systems.

From the stack to the complete system, we develop solutions for you for all applications: passenger cars, commercial vehicles on and off the road, shipping, and aviation or rail. We unlock the full optimization potential of your fuel cell technology: we increase power density and range, shorten refueling times, and make your fuel cell applications ready for use around the world.

The fuel cell is currently playing a key role in reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) – an aspect that is coming more and more into focus, especially for commercial vehicles. It is also being investigated as a potentially climate-friendly propulsion system for the future. There is also a paradigm shift taking place in parallel to this development: hydrogen is increasingly being discovered as an energy source. Both these trends support the expansion of fuel cell mobility.

We have been driving this development since 2002 – around ten to 15 years ahead of the market. Starting with valuable technological contributions in consulting projects and progressing to our becoming established as the leading engineering service provider in the field of fuel cells.



The core challenge for fuel cell development is finding the balance between power density, efficiency, costs, and durability. It sounds like trying to achieve the impossible, but in reality, it is a manageable task – with the right partner.

In the case of power density, for example, compact packaging for 200 kW is not an uncommon customer request for a 40-ton vehicle. The requirement often also includes a swift ramp-up and a quick leap from partial load to full load. This is where we are your leading technology provider for maximum power density and high durability. How are we able to do that? Because our expertise is based on 20 years’ experience in fuel cell development.


We provide you with tailored solutions for your requirements, based on our stack platform. Including engineering, simulation, and testing.

However specific your task may be: we always look beyond the fuel cells to analyze the application for which they are to be built, and the architecture in which they are to be integrated. This holistic approach allows us to achieve optimal technology solutions for you.


This photo shows our expert Jürgen Rechberger

In the future, I will only buy zero-emission vehicles. In professional terms, I am also doing my bit for the energy revolution. And I am proud that we are driving this movement at AVL with the accumulated expertise from three business areas. We are developing the vehicles of the future here!

- Jürgen Rechberger, Vice President Fuel Cell, AVL

There is no alternative to AVL when approaching challenging objectives in fuel cell technology. For example, who else could guarantee power density of more than six kilowatts per liter, with a lifetime of 24,000 hours or mileage of one million kilometers?

At system level, we have also optimized the form factor of the system to make perfect use of the installation space and adhere to the specified maximum length of your vehicle.

Market-ready, modular control software rounds off our FCEV service package. Including damage model prediction and diagnosis suitable for series production.

Our pioneering engineering solutions go far beyond the vehicle. In shipbuilding, for example, we provide fuel cell concepts supporting fuel flexibility with unprecedented efficiency.

AVL Fuel Cell Truck
PEM System Development
PEM System Development

As the industry leader, we develop high-performance polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell systems (PEM) for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, shipping, railroad, and aviation.

PEM Stack development
PEM Stack Development

AVL develops state-of-the-art, robust, durable stack solutions for your PEM fuel cells.

With a global network of fuel cell experts and comprehensive understanding of all aspects that increase your added value, we are your development partner for the fuel cell mobility of the future.

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Hydrogen and fuel cell centers: Graz, Vancouver, Kecskemét, Warsaw, Remscheid


Experts in engineering, testing, and simulation in the field of FCEV


Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of fuel cell development for electric vehicles. 

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