Easily Managing ADAS/AD Safety Testing

SCENIUS is a holistic solution for scenario-based ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and AD (Autonomous Driving) safety testing and validation – from requirement engineering, via scenario creation and management, to test case planning, execution, and reporting.

Image of SCENIUS Application for ADAS/AD Testing

Car manufacturers are facing increasing pressure when implementing ADAS/AD functions as they have to be released both quickly and profitably. 

One of the major hurdles in the development, testing and release of vehicles with assisted driving (ADAS) or autonomous driving (AD) functions is the assurance of safe operation under all manner of defined conditions and constraints such as UNECE, GSR, ISO standards, and NCAP rating.

Assuring safe operation requires a vast number of test scenarios and test cases that all need to be managed, prepared, documented, and executed in simulation on the test track, testbed, and on road.

SCENIUS for Scenario Creation

Harness the power of efficient scenario design with AVL Scenario Designer

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SCENIUS for Structured Test Planning

Go from standard to excellence in scenario management, test planning, and safety evaluation

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SCENIUS for Safety Argumentation

A comprehensive framework for successful and reliable validation and homologation

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SCENIUS Scenario Designer
Image Structured Test Planning - AVL SCENIUS
SC Safety Argumentation

Due to the standards employed for safety and cybersecurity and the in-use software updates, ADAS and AD systems tend to add complexity and additional dimensions to the work involved in automotive development and release processes.

Typical challenges occurring during development and release processes are the requirements for proof that a specific ADAS/AD vehicle or function is safe in all possible situations and constraints within its operational design domain (ODD).  Only a well-established verification and validation (V&V) strategy can ensure the high quality of ADAS/AD software required for complying with safety standards.


AVL SCENIUS uses a systematic approach that structures and decomposes ADAS/AD vehicle specifications to build-up a test catalogue database and to develop a respective safety argumentation strategy. Furthermore, it implements the ASAM OpenXOntology method to describe the vehicle ODD, which is automatically transformed into appropriate ASAM OpenScenario tests.

In addition, the AVL SCENIUS workflow and methods ensure end-to-end consistency and traceability, from the ODD description via the V&V strategy for virtual and real-world safety assessment, enabling the final release of the system for the specific ODD.

AVL Scenius

Time and Cost Saving

Supported guidance through requirement analysis, scenario-based workflow and safety assessment


Increased test performance through a variety of smart, reliable testing approaches

Fast Integration

Open and standardized interfaces in different test environments and other data sources


Graphical analysis tools and dashboards for test progress, coverage, safety assessment and residual risk

We designed the SCENIUS- suite explicitly to support the management, preparation, documentation, and execution of a range of different scenarios in simulation, on the test track, and on the road. The suite is a set of modules that address different aspects of the validation process: 

Easy and Fast Test Scenario Creation

The graphical WYSIWYG software tool helps you to easily create, import, edit, and configurate different and crucial driving and traffic situations for your safety assessment. Furthermore, the AVL Scenario Designer™ supports standardized ASAM OpenSCENARIO- and OpenDRIVE-formats with actors, catalogs, properties, events and triggers.

Optimization through Systematic Testing

We have seamlessly linked our AVL Test Case Generator module with the AVL Scenario Data Manager workflow.  It supports you with the implementation of the requirement analysis, the definition of vehicle projects and test orders, and the direct execution in a simulation or transfer into another execution environment. Furthermore, SCENIUS integrates various smart testing algorithms to automatically generate and optimize the individual test cases for the test order. 

Fully Compliant to Safety Standards

The innovative, web-based SCENIUS toolchain guides easily and quickly through the V&V-process. Its intuitive user interface guides the validation or testing engineer through the design, execution, evaluation of required testing scenarios in compliance with SOTIF. All the elements relevant for the sufficient description of scenarios such as road content, traffic content or other environmental data are managed and stored in a central database. 

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AVL SCENIUS™-Solution Sheet

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Safety Assessment and Risk Quantification

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AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer™
AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer™

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AVL Drivingcube

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AVL Dynamic Ground Truth System™

Highly accurate dynamic environment-measurement for ADAS/AD validation.

Keyvisual for AVL Big Data Plattform for ADAS/AD Testing
AVL ADAS/AD Big Data and Analytics Platform

Fully exploit the value of your real-word data with the AVL ADAS/AD Big Data and Analytics Platform™.

Automated and Connected Mobility Testing Keyvisual
Automated and Connected Mobility Testing

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From Road to Testing
Seamless ADAS Testing and Certification (Part II) - From Road To Simulation

In this webinar, AVL and Alp.Lab will introduce an ADAS/AD testing and validation from real world data recording, scenario extraction to scenario-based test planning and execution in virtual environments.

Seamless ADAS Testing and Certification - From Simulation to Test Track

Ready to combine the best of two worlds?The demand for ADAS/AD testing and validation in simulation and real world is increasing rapidly due to the growing number of ADAS/AD functions and vehicle variants.

Scenario-Based Test Optimization for ADAS/AD

Safety in autonomous driving requires testing and validation of an infinite number of real-world scenarios in simulation. This webinar introduces the AVL SCENIUS™ suite - our holistic and ground-breaking approach to scenario-based ADAS/AD verification.

AVL SCENIUS Software for Scenario-Based ADAS and AD safety testing and validation
Optimal ADAS/AD Test Coverage With Scenario-Based Workflow

Testing millions of scenarios in different test environments provides a significant hurdle in ADAS and AD- development. In this free, 60-minute webinar, AVL's Heiko Scharke, Josko Balic, and Florian Klueck present the company's to toolchain for an optimized scenario-based workflow - AVL SCENIUS™.

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Efficient ADAS Test Track Testing and Evaluation

The NCAP and homologation active safety test series is quickly expanding its scope of application. As a result, a growing number of complex scenarios for ADAS- and AD-functions are required to be tested, both quickly and and accurately, on the proving ground.

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