AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer™

Safe Through Efficient KPI Evaluation

Boost the efficiency of your NCAP and homologation testing: now and in the future

AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer™

The NCAP and homologation active safety test series is quickly expanding its scope of application. This is due to the growing number of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) functions available in vehicles. As a consequence, OEMs face the challenge of having to test an increasing number of complex scenarios on the proving ground causing additional effort. Therefore, a holistic and open toolchain to support the proving ground testing workflow is key to mastering quantity and complexity.

Our pioneering AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer tool is a single, independent and open tool that answers this challenge. It supports test engineers and test operators on the proving ground during the preparation, execution and reporting of tests. The software enables instantaneous online validation of ADAS tests during test execution, advanced test analysis and fast report generation, and provides sophisticated workflow automation. This cutting-edge tool is ideal for all phases of ADAS testing for different environments, such as on the proving ground, in the lab, and in the simulation.

Proving ground adas ad testing

NCAP & Homologation Testing

AVL is an active participant in the definition of the worldwide regulations and specifications, such as NCAP, UNECE, ISO, ASAM. The AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer already integrates test plans, required algorithms and formulae for post-processing, validation, and scoring of the test result.  

Scenario-Based Verification and Validation

Scenario-based testing in virtual, testbed or proving ground environments is becoming more and more important. The software is an integral part of AVL’s scenario-based testing toolchain (AVL SCENIUS™).

Proving Ground Equipment

We support a range of third-party test equipment. We have developed specific interfaces that directly connect to the test equipment and import the acquired test data so that no manual configuration is required. 

Development Testing

During development, the ADAS/AD systems or functions are tested several times in different environments. The Smart ADAS Analyzer follows a comprehensive and consistent approach to allow fast verification and extensive analysis of your tests results.

  • Pre-configured test plans for various active safety test series
  • Automated import and validation of test data
  • Evaluation and visualization of test data 
  • Detailed test data analysis functions 
  • NCAP scoring and NCAP standardized report generation


Supported Protocols

  • Euro NCAP Highway Assist
  • Euro NCAP Commercial Van
  • ANCAP Highway Assist
  • ANCAP Commercial Van
  • China NCAP (CNCAP)
  • China IASI (C-IASI)
  • China i-VISTA
  • China GBT39901
  • Japan NCAP (JNCAP)
  • UNR151 (BSIS)
  • UNR152 (AEBS)
  • UNR159 (MOIS)
AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer Test Plans


Always up-to-date databases to handle rapidly changing test requirements


Workflow-optimized user interface for fewer errors and faster results


Instant validation and scoring save time and improve test quality


Sophisticated data-processing core reduces preparation and testing effort


Open interfaces and seamless integration into third-party equipment eliminates manual configuration and boosts productivity

Instant Test Validation and Scoring – Less Testing Time

The AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer supports predefined test plans and performance indicators for all NCAP-related scenarios - with a single click. Test execution data is automatically imported and evaluated and the test operator is immediately informed of any test boundary violations, the test validity, and its scoring.

Automated Import and Validation of Test Data

Extensive test data analysis and visualization is executed in real time, without any manual post processing. The advanced signal analysis functions help to identify and correct any test problems and validation failures.

Ready to Use Report Templates – Fast Reporting Generation

Individual reports (e.g. for NCAP), together with an overall rating for full maneuver catalogues, can be automatically or manually generated after successful proving ground test execution. The set of report templates include a predefined and standardized set of NCAP report templates that can be adapted to customer requirements.

Open Interfaces

The Smart ADAS Analyzer offers a consistent toolchain with open interfaces to be integrated in different environments, such as proving grounds, HiL (Hardware-in-the-Loop), testbeds or simulation, with equipment from different manufacturers.

AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer™-Success Story

Success Story ABMARC (EN)

AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer™ - Solution Sheet

Solution Sheet (EN)

AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer™-Tool Presentation

Tool Presentation (EN)

Image of SCENIUS Application for ADAS/AD Testing

SCENIUS is a holistic solution for scenario-based ADAS and AD safety testing and validation.

AVL Dynamic Ground Truth System™

Highly accurate dynamic environment-measurement for ADAS/AD validation.

Keyvisual for AVL Big Data Plattform for ADAS/AD Testing
AVL ADAS/AD Big Data and Analytics Platform

Fully exploit the value of your real-word data with the AVL ADAS/AD Big Data and Analytics Platform™.

AVL Drivingcube

A new way to speed up the validation and approval process of ADAS and AD- systems.

Automated and Connected Mobility Testing Keyvisual
Automated and Connected Mobility Testing

How to master complex ADAS/AD function testing to get vehicles on the road faster.

From Road to Testing
Seamless ADAS Testing and Certification (Part II) - From Road To Simulation

In this webinar, AVL and Alp.Lab will introduce an ADAS/AD testing and validation from real world data recording, scenario extraction to scenario-based test planning and execution in virtual environments.

Seamless ADAS Testing and Certification - From Simulation to Test Track

Ready to combine the best of two worlds?The demand for ADAS/AD testing and validation in simulation and real world is increasing rapidly due to the growing number of ADAS/AD functions and vehicle variants.

2021-02-23_SAA_AVL-HUM_Webinar_image (1)
Efficient ADAS Test Track Testing and Evaluation

The NCAP and homologation active safety test series is quickly expanding its scope of application. As a result, a growing number of complex scenarios for ADAS- and AD-functions are required to be tested, both quickly and and accurately, on the proving ground.

Get a Grip on Active Safety and NCAP Regulations

You are challenged by rapidly increasing test requirements, complex certification scenarios and inefficient test execution and evaluation? AVL's inventive Smart ADAS Analyzer supports you through the ADAS testing workflow.

Keyvisual of the AVL DRIVINGCUBE for Vehicle-in-the-Loop/VIL ADAS AD Testing
Efficient Validation of ADAS/AD Systems on Vehicle Level

The integration of ADAS/AD systems into vehicles moves forward.But what needs to be considered when developing and validating these systems? You will receive answers to these questions and gain insights into application examples in this webinar!

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