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Testing labs are characterized by an ever-increasing complexity regarding testing processes and the amount of data. A lot of labs still operate manually and on-demand. The preparation and execution of tests are based on availability, without a managed process. Only end reports are being shared. This leads to inefficiencies and imprecise planning. Explore how the AVL Lab Management(TM) Software Solution Suite solves these challenges and boosts the efficiency of your lab to the next level!

By implementing managed test processes the scheduling of tests can be enhanced. Introducing local data centers improves sharing of data and reports. Collecting and harmonizing all data from different in-house or third-party test systems, can be achieved with an intelligent central repository. This creates a unique view on test data and results with accurate, comparable and up-to-date information across the entire lab.

Lab Management

The AVL Lab Management™ Solution is highly modular and consists of several standard modules. All modules work independently from each other and can be implemented as needed. Together, they build the AVL Lab Management™ Software Solution. 

  • Asset & Process Control
  • Lab Monitoring
  • Lab Data Management
  • Lab Data Intelligence
  • Energy Management
Lab Management
Lab Management

Due to our experience in the mobility industry, we were able to create standard base configurations for specific industries. These out-of-the-box solutions for data-, process- and energy management are available for the development and testing of

  • Batteries
  • Vehicles
  • Propulsion Systems
Lab Management
Lab Management

Together with our in-house partner, we offer consulting services to evaluate your needs and find the best tool fit and implementation course. A typical project starts with an evaluation workshop, which results in an action plan. The benefits are clear:

  • Early collaboration ensures an optimized process
  • Requirements are identified, defined and prioritized
  • Solution delivery model uses agile and lean methods
  • Lower TCO compared to individual software solutions

If equipment underutilization is your problem, we can show you how to push test field efficiency up to 90% with data and process management software.

– Michael Conrad, Global Business Segment Manager, Test Information Management, AVL

lab management
Lab Management Software for Battery Development and Testing

Data- and process management software for cell, pack, and module

Lab Management for Vehicle Process Overview
AVL Lab Management™ for Vehicle

Achieve process safety and higher efficiency with our modular and scalable Lab Management for Vehicle solution.

Process Control Modules
AVL Process Control Modules

AVL Process Control Modules constitute a powerful selection of software modules to assist you in all necessary steps involved in the testing process and result evaluation.


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Lab Management
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