Software and Controls Development and Verification

Customer-specific. Easy Integration.

AVL is developing software systems and components that facilitate the functionality of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving.

Software and Controls Development

Assistance systems are established in passenger cars and commercial vehicles these days. From a technical perspective, these are independent applications that have to be integrated into the overall concept of a vehicle. Therefore, we are developing customer-specific software solutions that fit seamlessly into the system and vehicle architecture.

To implement complex ADAS/AD features (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems/Automated Driving), we apply specific technical and legislative requirements at software system level. We support OEMs, Tier 1 and supplier companies throughout the entire development process, up to certification for vehicle homologation.

Assistance systems have experienced a huge boost in the automotive industry in recent years. This was accompanied by a radical change in development and production.

As a driver of innovation, we have played a key role in determining technological advances in the field of ADAS/AD development and continue to do so. With our expertise, we support customers who are currently at any stage of the transformation process – from first mover to "late follower". With our application software and the necessary components, we guarantee the functional and operational safety and security of your ADAS/AD systems.

Software Challenges

Software solutions and connected control units implement the desired features of assistance systems and automated driving systems. There is no standard solution that fits every customer. This is because each customer has different technical preconditions and different development and marketing goals, as well as because of different legislation. We tailor each project and each solution to your individual requirements.

We incorporate our extensive expertise in development and integration of software systems into the complex architecture of the vehicle. We take country-specific legal requirements into consideration. And with our agile development processes and modular architecture, we guarantee that necessary changes can be implemented effectively at all times.


AVL Maestra

When developing application software and components, particular attention is paid to the safety and security of the data. The features of assistance and automated systems must not contain any errors. We apply our knowledge and diligence to data in two respects: On the one hand, we ensure that functional safety (FuSa) and safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF) are always guaranteed. On the other hand, we protect the generated and processed data from unauthorized access to the greatest extent possible (Security).

To this end, we document every decision that we make in the development phase, as well as the decisions that we do not make – backed up by a detailed problem analysis and justification in each case.


Image shows our new Dev Ops Approach

To ensure the highest quality standards, we also design data acquisition and processing, as well as the interfaces to other systems, transparently and openly. Instead of an encrypted code, you can receive a "white box" that allows you to see the development work and makes any necessary adjustments as easy as possible for you. From data acquisition to data analysis and interpretation, to data processing and decision-making, planning and motion control: all processes will be under maximum control, with comprehensive security measures applied.

  • Each software development process is preceded by comprehensive advice and a feasibility check.
  • We take a holistic view of all development processes and integrate both requirements from the system design phase and subsequent test scenarios into our work.
  • Our software and components are systems with an open design, which easily enable adjustments to model variants or new legislation requirements.
  • Data collection, interpretation, and storage are subject to the strictest security standards – we effectively prevent unauthorized use and cybercrime.
  • We evaluate the quality of the software system and components continuously and in close consultation with you; replicable tests and ISO standards are our commitment to quality.
  • As an experienced engineering service provider, we have the solutions of tomorrow. In future, end customers will ask for "Features on Demand" in their vehicles – and we already offer the software basis for this today.
Software Solutions
Software Methods and Processes
Processes and Methods in Software Development

Control software in vehicles must meet state-of-the-art standards. AVL applies methods and processes to help you reach your development target efficiently. 

Tailored Feature Development ADAS
Tailored Feature Development

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions (AD) for all vehicles – AVL develops customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Software Toolchain Maestra
Software Development Toolchain

Are you looking to optimize your control software? Our tools offer model-based development and verification in accordance with all the latest standards.


Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of software and controls development and verification. 

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