Fuel Cell Test Systems

We are shaping the testing environments for a sustainable hydrogen future.

Fuel cell technologies are an essential part of the energy transition to generate efficient and emission-free electricity for a wide range of applications.

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At AVL, we specialize in the development and testing of fuel cells - from single cells to complete systems. We combine individual measurement technology products into a test bed system and support you with mature methodology and industrialized test solutions so that you can concentrate on challenging development tasks. 

Thanks to the breadth and depth of our product range, we serve both stationary and mobile applications, from automotive and maritime to rail and aviation. By combining our core competencies - development, simulation, test - we transform our established development tools, apply them to fuel cell technology and can thus significantly accelerate the development process.

Fuel cell technologies have come a long way in the last decades through multiple innovation cycles. Today we are in the middle of the transition from early technology maturity to products ready for series production. With AVL fuel cell test systems we are supporting our customers with proven solutions in every step of their development cycle.

FuelCell Test Systems

Tools & Methodology

Fuel cell development is transitioning from pure research to series development. Still the innovation potential is high and represent a dynamic development field. To manage this complexity scalable & upgradable solutions are required. AVL’s fuel cell system testbed solutions are providing a flexible R&D infrastructure that can adapt and grow with changing R&D demands.



Automation & Software

The pace of innovation for fuel cell developments has been accelerating in the last years. New development methodologies are applied where systems engineering paired with virtualization are playing a major role. Engineering teams need to focus on the innovation of the product and require reliable and consistent tools through the entire development process. AVL is providing a suite of tools enabling realistic and consistent Use Case optimized results and provide solid building blocks for the next generation fuel cell development.

FuelCell Testcenter

At AVL, we take a holistic approach to helping our customers achieve their development goals. Innovative measurement products and test bed systems are not only developed and produced by AVL, but also applied in our own test-centers. The fusion of methodology and tools makes the AVL difference.

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AVL has placed itself as fuel cell technology leader. Our strong fuel cell competences globally are sending a signal to the industry, that we are the favored partner in this area.

- Helmut Iancu, Global Business Segment Leader

AVL’s deep technology and application expertise in testing solutions and strategic partnerships are making our know-how available to new and existing markets. The range of solutions is covering all testing needs from cell, stack to system testing and are supporting the entire development of fuel cell technologies. If you need special measurement devices or support for turnkey facilities, AVL got you covered.

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PEM-Fuel Cell

PEM System TB

AVL is providing solutions for the validation and testing of PEM technologies from small active areas to complete fuel cell system test environments. The testing products are ranging from individual testing devices, conditioning units to entire modular testing facilities. Together with our partner Greenlight Innovation we are market leader for PEM fuel cell testing solutions.

Key facts

  • Full portfolio for component testing (cell, stack, BoP) as well as system testing 
  • Stack diagnosis and monitoring solutions
  • TÜV certified safety system
  • Automation and control software dedicated for fuel cell testing
  • Fuel cell plant models for virtual development steps

SOFC-Fuel Cell

SOFC Testbed

AVL started its activities around SOFC development about 20 years ago. During that period we were able to develop and improve the testing solutions required for an industrialization of SOFC systems. Our deep application know-how paired with our innovative testing solutions we are able to support your development in every step.

Key facts:

  • Full range of testing solutions from cell to system
  • Tailored solutions for performance testing, thermal load testing, NVH and emissions testing
  • Dedicated simulation models and software tools for early stages in the SOFC development
  • Power ranges from 5 kW to 400 kW



Together with our partner Greenlight Innovation we are complementing AVL’s solution portfolio for electrolyzer testing. Greenlight Innovation has been manufacturing electrolyzer testing equipment since 1996, and can provide references from major companies and research institutes worldwide.

Key facts:

  • Applications for PEM and alkaline electrolysis technologies
  • Control and automation software control for electrolysis R&D
  • Automated 24/7 dynamic operation
  • Custom test fixtures designed for your membrane dimensions

AVL has two decades of fuel cell experience and numerous engineering teams working globally on fuel cell development and testing for the world’s leading automotive OEMs and research organizations.
From passenger car to HD truck application, stationary combined heating and power units for small and large-scale applications, we have innovated the development methodology and standardized the development tools required.

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years experience in fuel cell

> 600

people in FC engineering, testing & simulation


start of H2 & fuel cell development at AVL


fuel cell competence centers worldwide


H2 Safety Services
Safety in Testbeds for FC Systems and H2ICE

New Technologies demand not just new testing methods and testing devices but also customized safety measures. 

Maritime Mobility Special

This exclusive webinar gets to grips with all things maritime mobility. 

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AVL Contribution to DLR Project: 1.5- Megawatt Composite Testbed for Fuel Cells

World's first test field for fuel cell propulsion systems in the megawatt range

Das Demonstrationsfahrzeug
Intensive research work results in fuel cell concept vehicle

Keytech4EV project successfully completed

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New cooperation

AVL Joins Collaborative Project to Develop Hydrogen-Powered Land Rover Defender Fuel Cell Prototype

AVL and Jaguar Land Rover join forces to deliver zero-tailpipe emissions for premium fuel cell prototype based on the new Land Rover Defender.

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