Electrolyzer Testing

Tools required to commercialize alternative energy technologies


Hydrogen production is in the center of the energy roadmaps in many regions of the world. The mobility sector is depending on the availability of green hydrogen and therefore electrolyzer technologies are playing a vital role at AVL.

With a clear commitment to fuel cell technologies we have expanded our expertise and solution portfolio into that area. AVL follows an holistic approach from simulation to stack testing with our partner Greenlight Innovation. 

Electrolysis technology is now at a high level of maturity for alkaline or polymer electrolyte (PEM) and is thus ready for industrial use.

The Canadian company Greenlight Innovation, the world's leading supplier of testing and production equipment for hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyzers, has been developing test rigs for this for some time. 

Greenlight Innovation and AVL are combining their expertise to develop a fully integrated product line for testing fuel cell systems.

GL900 Stack Testbed

Test stations for PEM and Alkaline electrolyzers
Greenlight is the world's leading supplier of test stations for research on PEM and alkaline electrolyzers. The AVL partner company has been manufacturing test equipment for electrolyzers since 1996 and can provide references from major companies and research institutes worldwide.


Software and hardware for the test bench
The control and automation software used for electrolyzer testing combines exceptional functionality with a user-friendly graphical interface.


Helmut O. List

“The cooperation between AVL and Greenlight Innovation unites competences, especially in the areas of testing systems for fuel cells and electrolyzers.”

- Prof. Helmut List, Chairman & CEO AVL List GmbH

Whatever the scope and purpose of your electrolysis project: Together with our partner Greenlight Innovation, we provide you with what you need for validation and verification. We are happy to offer you a personal consultation at AVL.

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AVL PEM Testing
PEM Fuel Cell Testing Solutions

Testing solutions for every development step from cell to system for all applications from passenger car to aviation

AVL PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell

AVL PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell is our intuitive automation system for highly dynamic fuel cell system testing. It is the global industry standard for testbed automation.

Fuel Cell Development

We make your fuel cell technology more durable – and even more reliable.

AVL Power-to-Liquid Plant
Electrolysis Systems

AVL is actively shaping decarbonization through manufacturing processes for hydrogen that is produced as sustainably as possible.

Fuel Cell Simulation
Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer Simulation

Fuel cells and electrolyzers are excellent solutions for efficiently achieving a CO2-neutral future. Especially since their application is multifaceted. It ranges from vehicles of all sizes to energy generation and storage to the starting point for synthetic fuels (e-fuels). Develop and optimize targeted fuel cell systems by using our simulation.

Fuel Cell Virtualization
Fuel Cell Operating Strategy Optimization and Testing

Enhancing fuel cell system optimization and testing with simulation.

Fuelcell Testbed
AVL Fuel Cell System Testbed

AVL designed the integrated Fuel Cell System Testbed to provide highly efficient and accurate testing while minimizing integration efforts. Reusing our reliable and proven modules and transferring our R&D expertise and maturity into a compact solution was crucial. 

FuelCell Test Systems
AVL Fuel Cell Test Systems

In the search for green and sustainable mobility, AVL has addressed the challenges of developing and validating automotive fuel cell systems – from a single cell up to complete systems for various applications. 

AVL HyTron

A gas conditioning and consumption solution for hydrogen and other gaseous fuels. Learn more about this dedicated product to safely supply and condition gases for the testbed usage.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy with AVL X-ion and AVL Smart EIS

The Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is an innovative stimulus response testing technology for checking the frequency-dependent internal resistance of electrochemical cells such as batteries or fuel cells.


H2 Safety Services
Safety in Testbeds for FC Systems and H2ICE

New Technologies demand not just new testing methods and testing devices but also customized safety measures. 

Maritime Mobility Special

This exclusive webinar gets to grips with all things maritime mobility. 

AVL Joins Collaborative Project to Develop Hydrogen-Powered Land Rover Defender Fuel Cell Prototype

AVL and Jaguar Land Rover join forces to deliver zero-tailpipe emissions for premium fuel cell prototype based on the new Land Rover Defender.

AVL and Ceres Set to Combine Competencies for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems Technology

New cooperation

AVL Joins HZwo Innovation Cluster to Drive New Mobility Technologies

Close alliance between academic research and industry for an accelerated energy transition in Saxony, Germany

AVL Contribution to DLR Project: 1.5- Megawatt Composite Testbed for Fuel Cells

World's first test field for fuel cell propulsion systems in the megawatt range

Das Demonstrationsfahrzeug
Intensive research work results in fuel cell concept vehicle

Keytech4EV project successfully completed

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