Hybrid and Engine Testing

Modular test system design for development tasks of today and the future.
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Our hybrid and engine test systems (TS) are highly flexible development environments. These test systems provide precise test and measurement systems with high reproducibility for testing internal combustion engines and their hybrid components. For hybrid engine development, the systems use battery emulators to act as electric power sources or sinks, ensuring highly realistic battery behavior emulation on the testbed. Dedicated fuel supply installations, including conditioning and consumption measurement, support multi-fuel testbed operation.

Engine testing has a legacy of more than 70 years at AVL. This broad expertise has been demonstrated in thousands of engine testbed installations. On top of that, our propulsion system engineering team operates ICE and hybrid testbeds in tech centers around the world. Which is why our engine testing technology is continuously advanced by dedicated in-house expertise.

Engine Testing

Our portfolio of engine test systems is available for a wide range of research and development tasks.

These include:

  • Hardware verification 
  • System integration incl. hybrid components
  • ECU / HCU calibration
  • Hybrid operating strategy implementation
  • Fuel consumption optimization
  • Electric charge determination
  • Steady state and dynamic duty tests
  • Engine response optimization
  • Exhaust emissions development and homologation
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With advanced engine and hybrid testing technology, AVL is continuously striving to support customers with their development challenges of today and the future.”

– Michael Messner, Global Business Unit Manager, AVL List GmbH


AVL PUMA 2™ is the global industry standard for testbed automation. It is suitable for electrified testbed types as well as for conventional test environments.

FuelTron MOVE
AVL FuelTron M.O.V.E

Fuel consumption measuring system for the heavy-duty and non-road mobile machinery industry.

PEMS for Particle Number Measurement

The device is AVL’s all-in-one solution for RDE/ISC requirements. It ensures precise and reproducible emission measurements under real driving conditions. 


The market-leading testbed monitoring and control system for a variety of propulsion systems


Battery tester and emulator for research and development, testing and validation.


Emission legislation for new combustion engines today and in the future is becoming more and more stringent, therefore engine testing will become even more complex. 


AVL FLOWSONIX™ Air is the innovative measurement system for the measurement of air consumption that is fast, accurate and robust. 
The measurement system uses an ultrasonic transit-time differential technique to accurately measure air mass flow in the intake. 


The in-vehicle measurement platform supporting all global Real Driving Emission (RDE) test requirements. It is a single platform for every on-road application worldwide.

AVL x-meter
AVL X-meter

AVL X-meter helps you with in-vehicle energy balance measurement, range testing, precise re-charging energy measurement and pre-compliance tests.

Fuel Balance Temperature Control
AVL Fuel Balance and Fuel Temperature Control

A powerful pair of fuel consumption measurement and conditioning devices to enhance development workflow.

AVL Fuel Mass Flow Meter and Fuel Temperature Control
AVL Fuel Mass Flow Meter and Fuel Temperature Control

The AVL Fuel Mass Flow Meter and AVL Fuel Temperature Control combine high accuracy and excellent temperature stability with short measurement times.

AVL FuelExact™ Mass Flow & PLU
AVL FuelExact Mass Flow PLU

AVL FuelExactTM takes advantage of the well-established and highly precise measurement principles (PLU or Mass Flow) combined with the world’s best fuel temperature control.

Efficient testbed utilization is ensured by continuous improvements suggested by our in-house engineers. Our expert teams from Powertrain Engineering and Test System development are working closely together at all times. Effective and efficient development work is ensured by the holistic and seamlessly integrated our product portfolio, in which AVL hybrid and engine test systems play an important role. We support development from initial concept ideas to production. Individual development steps are integrated and connected via consistent development methodology tools.

In addition, our competent test application support is available to all our customers. Engineers guide our customers globally with firsthand expertise in tackling complex development tasks and challenges. The interaction of complex test system configurations can be verified prior to delivery using our advanced in-house system integration test environments (test center) to assure a right-first-time approach. Highly realistic test conditions are applied in combination with AVL simulation models (e.g. engines, dynos, measuring devices, etc.).


Your reliable partner in hybrid and engine testing solutions

AVL’s comprehensive worldwide network of experts allows best customer vicinity, ensuring consistent and connecting testing fields globally. Wherever your R&D challenges take you, we are always close at hand, ready to provide the service you need.

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hybrid & engine testbeds operated in AVL Tech Centers around the world

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years of test system development experience

> 1000

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