Release Event 2024 R1

AVL Simulation Tech Day: The Future of Vehicle Development

We are thrilled to announce the release of our AVL Simulation Suite 2024 R1. This release brings significant advancements in technology and productivity, addressing the needs and challenges faced nowadays by simulation engineers.

Key Highlights of 2024 R1 Release:

  • Electrification: In AVL FIRE™ M we have made significant strides in battery modeling and simulation speed, reducing project turnaround times. In AVL CRUISE™ M we enhanced battery electrochemical modelling e.g. considers now the open circuit voltage (OCV) hysteresis using different curves for charging and discharging. We’ve also introduced new wizards for fuel cell and battery model setup and parametrization e.g. a new model generator for solid-oxide fuel cell and electrolyzes systems or a new electrode balancing wizard for parameterizing fundamental electrochemical battery model parameters.
  • Powertrain Durability: AVL EXCITE™ M now integrates the simple belt connection, a key element for modeling ICEs and hybrid powertrains. Also, EXCITE Power Unit migration to EXCITE M did another step for modules like the running in wear workflow or functionalities related to the e-motor coupling.
  • IC Engine Combustion: CRUISE M now includes a new pre-chamber component for reciprocating and rotary piston engines, improving combustion efficiency.
  • ADAS/AD: AVL Scenario Designer™ now supports the newest OpenSCENARIO XML 1.3 standard. We’re also launching the new AVL Scenario Simulator™, which will offer a freemium version as well.
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics: FIRE M offers an efficient export of selection-based 3D transient airflow results, e.g., for soiling analysis in Preonlab.
  • Vehicle Driving Attributes: The new release of AVL VSM™ brings off-road simulation capability to passenger cars and extends the Vehicle Model Factory to commercial vehicles.

Don’t miss out on this format, where we bring you all the information of the upcoming release in one event. 

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