Connecting Solutions

Linking Tools and Data Across Domains


Connecting Solutions

The vehicle development process is facing numerous challenges. Navigating the heterogenous tool landscape is becoming ever more difficult. Simulation tools, databases and test equipment often come from different suppliers and have been designed for different domains. Moreover, while timelines for development condense and vehicle complexity continues to increase, costs must be kept under control without sacrificing quality. Due to all these variables, the interoperability problem has become even more acute in recent years. This has made continuous verification and validation (V&V) – enabled by virtualization, frontloading and digitalization -  crucial for the development process.

We believe that everyone needs an Integrated and Open Development Platform (IODP) to leverage model-based development. There is a missing link between product structure driven systems and the functional validation of the product. The heterogeneous tool landscape fuels the interoperability problem. The goal is clear: Digitize your development process as much as possible.

Connecting Solutions
Connecting Solutions

Our Connecting Solutions interlink your existing tools and combine them with efficient and effective state-of-the-art methodologies. They are tailored to your specific needs and connect models, execution, data, automation and processes. This ensures consistent models, the use of the same test procedures across your entire development process and seamless data management. Together, they form an IODP that allows you to assess the maturity of your product at any stage of the development.

Connecting Solutions

Prototypes are essential for this but relying on physical prototypes alone is not enough. Virtual prototypes use virtualization to extend the use of prototypes to early development phases. In later stages, a set of linked simulation models and hardware components or subsystems on testbeds can be used. And finally, the product can be tested in the real world. Virtual, mixed and real prototypes are at the core of an IODP enabling short feedback loops and sound decision making throughout the development.

Connecting Solutions
V process and DevOps
V process and DevOps

The shift to software-defined, vehicle-centric development requires decoupled development of software and hardware: hardware according to the V-process, software using agile DevOps. But they need to be validated together in Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) cycles. To enable this, we are introducing the functional prototype. It is an advanced data model providing a continuous and consistent view of the state of a product. It allows you to compare the achieved test results of virtual, mixed or real prototypes with the defined target requirements.

Josef Zehetner

With our Connecting Solutions, we solve current interoperability problems and pave the way for continuous V&V in the development process. This will be a key element of future CI/CD toolchains for software-defined vehicles.

- Josef Zehetner, Chief Engineer System Architecture, AVL

  • Link virtual and real worlds
  • Enable continuous validation of your product
  • Provide prototypes for all development phases – virtual, mixed or real
  • Close the interoperability gap – models, testbeds, data and processes
Process Innovation Services
Data Management With Data.CONNECT™

Meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with this modular data management solution for data harmonization, integration, search, exploration, and automated processing.

IoT With Device.CONNECT™

Device.CONNECT™ is AVL’s highly secure answer to mastering the IoT challenges in the automotive industry.

Bring Simulation to the Testbed With Testbed.CONNECT™

A powerful open execution platform that connects simulation models to the testbed.

Continuous V&V
Continuous Verification and Validation

Establish the digital thread across multiple projects and get your data-driven engineering off the ground. So that the vision of digitizing the development process becomes reality.


The increasing networking in vehicle development means that components are no longer considered in isolation and that departments have to work across the board. As a result, it is not uncommon for different modeling strategies and tools to clash. 

Model.CONNECT™ bridges this gap.


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Modern vehicle development processes are complex, and they involve the entire organization for years. It is becoming increasingly difficult to master the vast complexity associated with vehicle development. Relying merely on heterogeneous simulation

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Device.CONNECT™ - The automotive IoT platform for highly secure instant data availability

AVL’s Device.CONNECT offers a solution to the auto industry’s need for high-speed, high security data transfer. A close look at the value chain in contemporary automotive development reveals a complex picture. 

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AVL’s Josko Balic discusses how co-simulation platforms can be used to develop a range of driver assistance systems.

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