Events are one of the best opportunities to stay in personal contact with your peers. We have summarized international conferences and exhibitions where you have the possibility to meet AVLs' experts and discuss solutions.

AVL High Power Systems Conference
AVL’s 10th High Power Systems Conference
13th Int. AVL Emissions and Energy Forum
AVL TechDay E-Mobility
AVL TechDay E-Mobility
Vehicle & Environment 2024
Vehicle & Environment
Fuel Cell Visual
AVL TechDay Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell Technology
1st European Hands-On HV Battery Development Seminar
AVL TechDay Mastering Development and Validation
AVL Simulation Conference Germany 2024

In 2024, Transport Research Arena (TRA) takes place in Dublin, Ireland from Monday 15 to Thursday 18 April. The theme for TRA2024 is “Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility”.

TRA, the Transport Research Arena, is the foremost European transport event that covers all transport modes and all aspects of mobility. It is the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility.

Transport Research Arena (TRA) offers a great venue for researchers, policymakers and industry representatives to get together and contribute to the discussion on how research and innovation can reshape the transport and mobility system. The conference provides a unique opportunity to hear about mobility trends in different parts of Europe, learn from achievements in the industry as well as share best practices of policies and deployments.

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April 16, 2024, 12:15

Lecture: "Validierung von Antriebssträngen mit virtuellen Fahrzeugprofilen am Beispiel einer E-Achse" (Presentation language: German)

Speaker: Michaela Unterweger, Senior Validation Methods Engineer, AVL List GmbH

Coauthors: Andreas Haspl, Uday Akasapu, AVL List GmbH

April 16, 2024, 14:45

Lecture: "Next-Generation Hochleistungs-DC-Quellen für E-Mobilitäts-Prüfstände" (Presentation language: German)

Speaker: Stefan Merath, Development Engineer Models and Controls, Application Software Design, AVL SET GmbH

Coauthor: Mathias Schnarrenberger, AVL SET GmbH

April 17, 2024, 14:15

Lecture: "Thermal Propagation“ von Batteriesystemen – Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze" (Presentation language: German)

Speaker: Paul Schiffbänker, Manager Batterie Verifizierung und Validierung, PTE/DMB

Coauthors: Mirko Plettenberg, Sandra Montoro-Almendral, Neza Lupsina, Bernhard Kaltenegger, Karl Aufderklamm, Georg von Falck, AVL List GmbH

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April 18, 2024, 15:00

Lecture: "Has the H2 Hour arrived? Exploring the hydrogen opportunity to decarbonise mobility"

Speaker: Dr Manuel Rivas, Green Energy Business Development, AVL Iberica SA

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April 24, 2024


Lecture: "KI auf der Überholspur: Vom Fahrzeugkonzept bis zur Wartung" (Presentation language: German)

Speaker: Gerhard Schagerl, Product Manager AI Services & Big Data, AVL

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April 25, 2024, 11:15


Lecture: "Quo Vadis Europe?"

Speaker: Günter Fraidl, Business Field Leader, AVL List GmbH

Coauthors: Paul Kapus, Skill Team Leader, AVL List GmbH | Christian Martin, Senior Product Manager Passenger Car Powertrain, AVL List GmbH

April 25, 2024, 15:00


Lecture: "Electric Drive Units with High Power Density and Sustainability through High Speed and Maximum Efficiency"

Speaker: Anton Angermaier, Managing Director, AVL Software and Functions GmbH

Coauthors: Mathias Deiml, Department Manager, AVL Software and Functions GmbH | Wilhelm Vallant, Senior Product Manager Transmission Systems, AVL List GmbH | Gernot Fuckar, Lead Engineer Hybrid & E-Drive, AVL List GmbH

 May 8, 2024, 9:00 

Lecture: "Current Status of Emissions Legislation for Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles"

Speaker: Kurt Engeljehringer, Principal Business Development Manager, AVL List GmbH

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May 14, 2024, 11:10

Battery Recycling

Lecture: "Redefining Sustainability: AVL's Blueprint for Eco-Friendly Battery Design and Recycling Excellence"

Speaker: Stefan Windisch-Kern, Battery Development Engineer, Battery Systems and Functions, AVL List GmbH

May 15, 2024, 16:30

EV Mobility 2030

Lecture: "Simulation and Evaluation of Battery Aging in Electric Hybrid Storage Systems"

Speaker: Roman Moedl, Development Engineer, AVL Deutschland GmbH

May 15, 2024, 17:00

EV Mobility 2030

Lecture: "Model-Based Knowledge Management in HV Battery Development"

Speaker: Ibtihal Badi, Development Engineer, AVL Deutschland GmbH

May 16, 2024, 11:00 

Battery Intelligence

Lecture: "AI-Based Digital Twin—Anomaly Detection and Diagnostics for HV Battery Behaviour and Performance"

Speaker: Alwin Tuschkan, Project Manager, IODP, AVL List GmbH

Date and Time tbc

Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Lecture: "Decarbonizing Heavy Duty Transport – AVLs 40t Fuel Cell Demo Truck"

Speaker: Josef Macherhammer, Product Manager Hydrogen and Fuel Cell, AVL List GmbH

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May 14, 2024, 16:30

Lecture: "Safeguarding camera-based motion and gesture recognition of vulnerable road users in highly automated vehicles" 

Speaker: Dr. Christian Schyr, AVL Deutschland GmbH

May 15, 2024, 11:30

Lecture: "Modularization of an SOVD server for networked and software-defined vehicles"

Speaker: Christian Röper, AVL DITEST GmbH

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14. Mai 2024, 16:30

Referent: Dr. Christian Schyr, AVL Deutschland GmbH

Titel: "Absicherung der kamerabasierten Bewegungs- und Gestenerkennung von vulnerablen Verkehrsteilnehmern in hochautomatisierten Fahrzeugen"



15. Mai 2024, 11:30

Referent: Christian Röper, AVL DITEST GmbH

Titel: "Modularisierung eines SOVD-Servers für vernetzte und Software-definierte Fahrzeuge"

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