Vehicle Systems Development and Integration

We Think in Vehicle Functions

The key to all system or component developments is to consider the impact on the behavior of the vehicle. We analyze every subsystem for you to understand how it interacts with the vehicle as a whole. Achieve the very best for your vehicle with us.

AVL BEV Sedan with Propulsion

At AVL, we analyze every subsystem for you to understand how it interacts with the vehicle as a whole. We work hand in hand with you on function-based and system-based vehicle development, on the propulsion system, the chassis, and other vehicle systems to achieve the best possible result.

The key to all system or component developments is to consider the impact on the behavior of the vehicle. We have applied this holistic approach for many years, with a functional focus across all systems. We think functionally, including all vehicle systems. This means that we do not view a brake simply as a component, but consider the function of the brake on a number of levels – from the chassis (friction brake) and the propulsion system (recuperation) to the exterior (aerodynamics). Our wide-ranging expertise in all vehicle systems and our function-driven approach allow us to support you with the best possible development and integration. 

Vehicle Function Development - Braking

Harmonizing systems

The thermal system, for example, plays a central role in reducing energy consumption, but it is also possible to lower the chassis and decrease aerodynamic drag. The weight can also reduce the amount of energy required - and the vehicles’ systems always need to harmonize with one another.

Our “Attribute Engineering” methodology and our in-house development of simulation tools allow us to support you by developing a homogeneous vehicle in every respect. 

VSM Vehicle Concept Definition

Developing cross-system functions

New functions for software-defined vehicles work across systems. It is therefore not sufficient to analyze individual systems only. We offer you a holistic view of your vehicle, thorough knowledge of all systems and functional focus. 

As our internal structures are aligned according to functional areas, we can quickly leverage skills from the propulsion system, chassis and thermal management areas. Systems Engineering allows us to break down requirements to systems and then to components

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Johannes Linderl

Functional orientation means that we have assigned experts from the propulsion system, chassis and thermal management to the driving functions area. This allows us to easily access the necessary skills - without any bureaucratic processes.

– Johannes Linderl, Skills Area Manager Complete Vehicle Development, AVL

  • Excellent skills in virtual development to meet functional objectives
  • Holistic approach to develop a well-balanced vehicle
  • We apply Systems Engineering in all areas to break down goals from the system to individual components
  • High level of product maturity at a very early stage in development
AVL BEV Sedan with Chassis
BEV Propulsion System in AVL Sedan - Top View
Vehicle System Development

At AVL we take care of this complex integration task for you. We address all relevant vehicle domains and drive technologies. We also orchestrate the interaction of the subsystems and components – from body and chassis, to electrics and electronics (E/E) and the driveline.

VSM Chassis Control
Function and System Based Vehicle Development

For a successful start of  production. At AVL we have in-depth understanding of product-defining components and systems. This is one of the reasons why our strengths include coordinating complete vehicle functions and goals in an ideal way, while also incorporating the optimum technologies.

Our technology and development centers give us a global reach. Whether in Europe, Asia, North America/Canada, South America or Africa – we are in the region to support you.

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Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of vehicle systems development and integration. 

Zalazone Opening
AVL Opens New Vehicle Engineering Center With Direct Access to Proving Ground

With the new vehicle engineering center, AVL established a unique engineering facility to test conventional and future vehicles in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

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