Energy Management Solutions

Solutions for Highly Efficient Energy Management in Tech Centers.
Energy Management

Due to new technologies, new processes and new regulations, tech centers have become more complex. These new developments impact both energy consumption and testing costs. At AVL, we see it as our responsibility to act in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner while fulfilling the highest technical, economic, and quality requirements demanded by our customers. AVL Energy Management Solutions is one part of making it happen.

We live in a world where the responsible use of resources has become an integral part of our lives. Sustainability and CO2 neutrality are not only ecological factors but also economical. Saving and reusing energy is key to reduce operational costs. In addition, the increasing complexity of power interactions between test cells and the overall power infrastructure of a tech center, makes it necessary to have processes and tools to understand how energy flows in the facility.

Energy Efficient Design

Sustainability and total cost of ownership are integral parts of the AVL Tech Center Design Service. Based on our experience in testing, development, and daily operations, AVL knows that energy consumption and power peaks are important factors that need to be considered from the beginning of a project. AVL can provide support to ensure an optimal design that takes both the initial investment and the operational costs into account. The first step for that is understanding the application and testing needs. Right sizing of the equipment and central utilities will be crucial for an efficient tech center.

Energy Optimization in Existing Tech Centers

AVL also offers energy consultancy services to make existing facilities more energy efficient. Whether you are planning to expand your facility, change test cells application or simply reduce the operational costs, one of the key points to analyze is how the energy is being used and whether the existing power distribution installation will be sufficient. Since one solution does not fit all, AVL will study how various energy efficiency strategies would work for your project, to quantify the economic benefit of implementing different measures, both in investment and operation costs.

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Even when facilities are properly sized, managing energy consumption and avoiding power peaks can have a big impact on test center operating costs. Energy consumption combined with testbed operating parameters is monitored by AVL EMOS™. This allows inefficiencies to be detected and their causes to be identified. AVL EMOS™ Management ensures that plant limits are not exceeded during operation and avoids power peaks, by efficiently synchronizing the tests. This way, the power infrastructure can be optimized, stable operation in facilities with limited power supply can be ensured, and the power tariff can be reduced. → Learn more

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Effective energy management is critical in today's testing world, as it not only helps to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, but also leads to cost savings and increased competitiveness for companies and organizations.”

– Eduardo Galindo, Business Development Manager, AVL Iberica S.A.

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Solutions for highly efficient energy management in Tech Centers.

AVL EMOS™ – Solution Sheet

Highly Efficient Energy Management.

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AVL Tech Center Solutions – Booklet

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Customer Services
Customer Services for Testing Solutions

The AVL Customer Services organization consists of more than 700 service- and application engineers worldwide, operating from more than 50 locations. Our global footprint is your local benefit.

eMobility Testing
E-Mobility Testing

For every form of e-mobility, we offer in-depth expertise and comprehensive solutions for development, testing, and validation – from component to complete system, software, worldwide services and complete tech center solutions.

AVL Customer Services
Customer Services

Your success is our goal. This is what we are aiming for and this is how we understand AVL Customer Services since decades. Our goal is not new, but the way how we do it, is constantly evolving.

AVL Consulting Services
AVL Consulting Services

Discover how we are supporting the automotive industry in driving the mobility concepts of the future.

rendering tech center
Tech Center Solutions

We offer complete turnkey solutions for testing facilities. Our expertise lies in the integration of test systems into a building and establishing all utility interfaces. We support customers in all project phases from consultancy, design engineering and procurement to the execution of the project.

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Turnkey Facility Solutions

AVL Turnkey Facility Solutions offers our customers holistic solutions. By holistic we mean the complete solution including the measurement and test technology itself. We specialize in integrating test systems into existing or new test facilities.


Energy monitoring and load management for your testing facility: AVL EMOS™ is the gateway to energy efficiency and regulatory compliance in the test field.

Tech Center Consultancy
Tech Center Consultancy

AVL Tech Center Consultancy combines innovation and cost-effectiveness to anticipate market shifts and provide future-proof investment advice. Our global expertise and practical experience ensure insightful consultancy for informed decision-making.

  • Efficient design, from the initial phases of a project.
  • Comprehensive understanding of how central utilities are utilized, to enable decision making for investment and future expansions.
  • Energy consumption reduction by monitoring energy and power demands in correlation with testbed parameters.
  • Ensured operation within facility power limits.
  • Peak power reduction, both in consumption and regeneration.
  • Holistic approach for the complete Tech Center.

Our holistic understanding of test and development is the basis for an efficient design that meets your current needs while creating future-proof solutions. AVL designs the optimal solution by analyzing and balancing sustainability and total cost of ownership to achieve your project goal. Our global presence ensures consistent and interconnected solutions worldwide.

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