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The AVL Tech Center offers holistic solutions to our customers. By holistic, we mean the complete solution, including the measurement and test technology itself. We are specialists in integrating the test system into an existing or new tech center facility. The first area of expertise is the directly related technical building equipment such as ventilation, piping, electrical installations, sensors, fire detection, firefighting, fuel supply, calibration gas supply and more. The second area of expertise is in the central technical building equipment such as low voltage main distribution, transformers, medium voltage switchgear, calibration gas supply and more.

Test systems and their integration into buildings are becoming increasingly complex. In addition, it is becoming more difficult to coordinate and control the interfaces between the various disciplines. The departments that drive these issues at our customers have been downsized in recent years due to cost-cutting in non-core areas.

Tech Center Solutions
Brick-and-Mortar Solution

We distinguish between brick-and-mortar and modular construction projects. In the case of brick-and-mortar projects, which are built on site using the classic concrete construction method, AVL focuses on the supply of measurement and testing technology, as well as the supply of the directly assigned technical building services and the conceptual planning of the overall project. In some cases, we also supply the building itself, depending on the overall situation of the customer or market. → Learn more

Tech Center Modules
AVL Tech Center Modules

The modular construction projects are prefabricated modules, i.e. containers, which are pre-assembled in AVL’s facilities with the directly assigned mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) as well as measurement and testing technology and delivered to the end customer as a finished module. This accelerates the construction process and transfers the interface risks from the construction site to the AVL plant, thus significantly reducing them. → Learn more

Tech Center Modules
Turnkey Facility Solutions - Hybrid

A hybrid solution between brick-and-mortar and prefabricated testbed modules is also possible. A building of limited complexity and cost is constructed and the modules are moved into it. The media facilities can either be part of the modules or centrally located. The building is sometimes equipped with the planned number and types of testbeds from the start, or alternatively, it is started with a limited number of testbeds and expanded over time as the test needs grow.

Andreas Bohmann

The AVL Tech Center Solutions offers and executes projects with a holistic view of the entire scope. We combine various test systems and find the best way to size our customer's facility - as large as necessary, as small as possible, to create the best solution.

– Andreas Bohmann, Solution Engineer, AVL List GmbH

We have in-depth knowledge of testbed operations, tech center planning, and especially MEP component sizing. This allows us to design and build testbeds that meet specific needs at a low investment cost. It also enables us to evaluate the requirements of individual components in terms of the overall result. This ensures that the originally formulated overarching requirement for the tech center is broken down to the individual systems and finally aggregated again when the overall system is integrated.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Global network of facility engineers covering all standards for the relevant markets.
  • Global service network providing full service for maintenance and repair of Tech Centers, including MEP components.
  • In-house developed virtual reality solutions for design review of building concepts.
  • In-house developed augmented reality solutions for maintenance and training activities.


Tech Center Solutions
AVL Tech Center Solutions – Brochure

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AVL Tech Center Solutions – Booklet

From requirements to reality.

AVL E-Mobility Testing Solutions – Brochure

Tested and Trusted.

Test Systems for battery cells
AVL Battery Cell TS™

For battery cell testing, we offer complete test systems, stand-alone equipment, or even entire turnkey test labs.

e-motor performance
E-Motor Testing Solutions

AVL has a wide portfolio consisting of dedicated e-motor test systems, software, tools, and processes to test and validate these modern e-drive systems in shortest time and with highest quality standards.

Inverter Testing Solutions

The inverter is very complex, and its behavior and handling influence the driving experience significantly. It needs to be tested and developed without further influences of other components. Learn more about our test system (TS) for inverter. 

battery testbed
Battery Testing Solutions

For battery (module/pack) testing, we offer complete test systems, stand-alone equipment, or even entire turnkey test labs.

E-Axle Testing Solutions

At AVL, we develop e-axle solutions that can be easily installed without impacting the productivity of your engineering facility.

Thermal Testing Solutions

A vehicle thermal management system has a significant effect on the energy efficiency of the entire vehicle and the durability of all components in the propulsion system, such as the battery and inverter. Highly efficient systems require extensive calibration and testing time at vehicle level, which has a huge impact on development costs and timing.

Lab Management
Lab Management Software Solution

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your test lab.

AVL Customer Services
Customer Services

Your success is our goal. This is what we are aiming for and this is how we understand AVL Customer Services since decades. Our goal is not new, but the way how we do it, is constantly evolving.

energy management
Energy Management Solutions

Due to new technologies, processes and regulations, tech centers became more complex. These new developments impact both energy consumption and testing costs. At AVL, we see it as our responsibility to act in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner while fulfilling the highest technical, economic, and quality requirements.

immersive reality solutions
Digital Immersive Reality Solutions

Our state-of-the-art VR, AR, and 3D scanning technologies bring added value to your testbed and facility. With immersive reality, we drive efficiency, quality, and collaboration throughout your entire value chain.

Tech Center Modules - Battery Pack TS
AVL Tech Center Modules

Customer requirements show the need for additional test capacity for ambitious product development plans. AVL Tech Center Modules significantly shorten this process. The flexible, location-independent and easily relocatable modular test system is particularly helpful.

AVL Brick and Mortar Solution
AVL Brick-and-Mortar Solution

Our customer base is global, with test facilities located worldwide. They frequently request our support in modernizing or repurposing their existing facilities. Our services cover the full spectrum of tech center development, from planning to operation, considering the needs greenfield and brownfield sites.

We have facility design engineers in seven locations worldwide. With powertrain engineering also located around the world, we always have an up-to-date, in-depth understanding of current market developments, which we incorporate into the local facility design.

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testbeds with AVL facility design.

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Tech Center Modules delivered.

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specialized staff globally.

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