Development of Efficient Combustions

For a clean investment into the future.

The combustion engine as part of the solution in the area of conflict between CO2, emissions and costs.

H2 ICE combustion

The internal combustion engine will continue to be a cost-attractive and important part of global mobility in the future. Therefore, it will have to be a significant contributor to carbon-neutral mobility by using regeneratively produced fuels. E-fuels, H2 or bio-fuels make the CO2-free ICE possible.

With further increases in efficiency, resource conservation and environmental compatibility will be pushed even further.

Innovative ideas, in combination with certified development processes, form the foundation for reliably achieving the required goals - from concept to series production.

Our expertise includes both standard and unconventional combustion systems (innovative injection systems, active and passive pre-chamber ignition, high-tumble combustion processes, various turbocharging concepts, serial compressor turbocharger SC-TC, eTC ...). This enables us to achieve the highest litre outputs of up to 200 kW/l as well as the highest efficiencies while maintaining the lowest possible emissions.

For the diesel engine, the focus is on further emission reduction, temperature management to support exhaust gas aftertreatment and cost efficiency. For this purpose, we have set up zero-impact demonstrators. These provide an excellent basis for meeting future emission limits in a targeted manner with the components developed and verified in the process.

In addition to fossil fuels, e-fuels, bio-alcohol, renewable natural gas as well as CO2-free fuels as H2 and NH3 are in the focus of developments.

In recent years, a significant increase in liter output and efficiency has been achieved, with a simultaneous significant reduction in pollutant emissions down to the measurability limit.

  • Dedicated hybrid engine for cost-effective CO2 reduction
  • Renewably generated fuels such as e-fuels and hydrogen for achieving CO2-free internal combustion engines while maintaining moderate investments in existing production lines
The path to net zero CO2
  • Standardization of technologies and modular approaches for engine families
  • Intelligent exhaust aftertreatment systems to achieve cost-attractive emissions reductions down to the measurability limit



We not only plan innovations, we also implement them. By working closely with professional measurement technology developers in-house, we are able to realize new combustion engine concepts for you very quickly.

Topics in detail:

  • Hydrogen and other CO2-neutral fuels for different industries
  • Efficiency improvement and loss reduction
  • Emissions solutions - cost effective and robust


Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of efficient combustions development. 

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