Optimized Battery Industrialization Manufacturing

From Prototypes to Production Process

In addition to building, testing, and validating batteries, we also develop the associated industrialization for you at our AVL Battery Innovation Center. This allows us to provide production-ready development, including production planning and process validation.

 Battery Innovation Center

Production, process, and cost experts are involved in battery development at AVL from the get-go. This allows us to provide production-ready development, including production planning and process validation. Our proven validation plans for various applications, testing facilities around the world equipped with the latest technology, and cooperation with partner testing institutes enable us to perform prompt and high-quality hardware validation. You also receive skilled support from us as a single provider on all topics related to procurement, installation, end-of-line tests, supplier selection, as well as prototype and small-scale parts. 

Despite the rapid progress made in battery development, there is still room for improvement within industrialization – meaning the production and assembly processes. Increasing cost pressures and ever-shorter innovation cycles make this aspect even more critical within the context of efficient production and the swift commercial rollout of new, high-performance, and more affordable battery systems for electric vehicles, without compromising sustainability.

Battery Innovation Center

Potential of Integration

Effective and innovative integration of the cells is becoming more central to the hardware of a battery system. An optimized connection increases effectiveness in relation to the volume and weight of the battery. At vehicle level, the result is a clear improvement in performance, handling, and range.   

Dynamic Environment 

Swift growth in the market for battery-powered vehicles generates a fast pace of innovation with great technological advances. The aim is not simply to survive in this dynamic environment, but to stay ahead of future developments with consistently high quality standards.

Consistent Sustainability 

The ecological impacts of the production, use, and recycling of all products must be taken into account, especially when considering key components such as batteries for electric vehicles. 

Battery Glueing Station

The Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in Graz is a platform open to customers, which aims to drive the innovation of production processes and further development of batteries and integration concepts. This enables us to process the industrialization of batteries at a previously unknown scale in parallel with product development. The BIC is used as a production line that combines process optimizations with new production technologies and in-line quality checks. 

Regardless of the cell type, target voltage, and integration level, we can map all common core processes in module and pack production at stations, some of which are fully automated. Industrial robots perform the individual production steps (such as stacking, laser welding, module assembly, adhesive bonding, electrical assembly, pack assembly) at speeds corresponding to large-scale production of 10,000 pieces/year. 

We can produce batteries for you at the BIC all the way from one-off prototypes to runs of several hundred pieces – with full monitoring of defined quality characteristics. It is also possible to implement virtual methods, such as 3D printing of machine components, virtual robot learning, or the use of augmented reality technologies in the assembly process. 

Optimized Integration

We are experts in the development of innovative cell-to-body (CtB) and module-to-chassis (MtC) concepts and the production processes that these require. It is this combination that reveals the integration, cost, and sustainability potential of CtB and MtC. Evaluations of new supplier materials, such as thermal adhesives or cell connectors, can be developed directly in a battery environment.

Flexible High-Tech Approach

At AVL, we can swiftly adjust and implement processes. We are just as flexible with regard to hardware, applying 3D printing for production components, for example. Augmented reality training with virtual robots allows the fast adoption of new battery technologies while adhering to high quality standards.

Ecological Considerations

Our deep knowledge of all aspects of battery development enables us to contribute to a significant reduction in the ecological footprint of batteries, through the targeted selection of chemicals, materials, and adhesives, for example. This applies to primary manufacture as well as to secondary applications (2nd Live) and general suitability for recycling. All machines deliver relevant data to an information system and exhaust air is monitored for pollutants, allowing us to directly specify the sustainability potential of new designs. 

Building Battery Prototypes

We are your all-round provider for procurement, assembly, and end-of-line tests for prototypes, as well as types A and B. We work exclusively with quality suppliers. We also have our own workshops in the USA, Europe, and China to build individual modules and packs.

Battery Validation

Our design verification and validation plan (DVP) for batteries conforms to all global standards and provides meaningful coverage of required test criteria. The portfolio in our testing facilities covers everything from calibration of the battery management system to vehicle integration. We also realize completely carbon-neutral testing at our headquarters in Graz. 

Global Partner for Battery Tests

We provide our services in the area of battery testing in conjunction with renowned industry partners and scientific institutions around the world. This allows us to cover the entire DVP, making it easier for you to access the resources of the relevant companies and institutions.

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