The Integrated and Open Development Platform

Bridging the Gap Between the Virtual and the Real World

Interconnect all elements of the vehicle development process – independent of tools or suppliers – and gain immediate access to the entire knowledge and skillset of your simulation, testing and methodology departments. 


As automotive propulsion systems and vehicle variants grow increasingly diverse, automotive testing efforts are becoming more complex. Industry stakeholders are asking how they can develop faster and more efficiently, and how they can stay adaptive to change. A holistic approach with an Integrated and Open Development Platform allows for new ways of model-based development. Our Connecting Solutions and Process Innovation Services help you manage the complexity and speed up your development while integrating your existing tools and using state-of-the-art methodologies. You get a consistent functional view of your product and comparable test results across the development phases.

Complexity is on the rise. Increasing diversity of propulsion systems and the growing number of vehicle variants are significant drivers. But, ADAS/AD and the related massive amounts of data also contribute. All of this results in higher testing efforts and a more heterogenous tool landscape. 
The automotive industry is facing two essential questions:

  • How to develop faster and more efficient?
  • How to stay adaptive to change?

True model-based development requires that all the capabilities, simulation models, data storage systems, testing environments and automation systems in an organization are connected.



More vehicle variants, different propulsion systems, and ADAS/AD make development more challenging.

Increasing testing effort

Growing technological complexity and varying regulatory requirements around the world are adding to the number of tests required.

Heterogenous tool landscape

Everyone prefers to use the best ideal tool for their specific task. However, this makes reuse and automation difficult.


The Integrated and Open Development Platform (IODP) enables a new way of model-based development. Our Connecting Solutions provide you with neutral connectors to integrate simulation models, testbeds, devices, and data across the development process. Tailored to your specific task, this creates unique and flexible development environments to master complexity and speed. Together with you, we define measures to increase development efficiency as part of our Process Innovation Services. This increase is achieved by improving productivity within existing environments and by shifting workloads to earlier process phases.

An Integrated and Open Development Platform provides a consistent functional view of your product. You achieve comparable test results across the development process due to consistent models, similar test procedures, and seamless data management. Additionally, we integrate your existing tools and apply the most efficient and effective methodologies.


Make early, fast and sound decisions.


The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Combine the best from both worlds – virtual and real.


Optimize your information objects for re-use and ease-of-use. 

Helmut O. List

To master challenges such as the growing complexity, virtual and real worlds need to be interconnected. The Integrated and Open Development Platform is AVL’s answer to make this vision a reality.

– Prof. Helmut List, CEO, AVL

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