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Circular economy and in particular sustainable battery solutions gain focus of the global authorities and rule making. Coming into force in 2027, the EU battery passport regulation sets new reporting requirements for all electric vehicles and industrial batteries larger than 2kWh, regardless of the origin of the battery. The party placing the battery on the market is responsible to ensure all required data is entered into a digital record, accurate and up to date.

The AVL Digital Battery Passport combines a secure data platform with our extensive knowledge in legislation and CO2 engineering. It is designed to facilitate seamless data sharing throughout the entire battery value chain, ensuring efficient integration, tracking, analysis, and reporting of relevant battery data at every stage of its lifecycle.

All batteries sold or used in the EU must meet defined sustainability requirements. Provisions include:

  • Restrictions on use of hazardous substances 
  • Introduction of carbon footprint rules
  • Various requirements for the use of recycled content and extended producer responsibilities
The EU Sustainable Batteries Regulation


Carbon footprint must be 3rd party verified and publicly accessible.


Mandatory digital battery passport for batteries larger 2kWh.


Maximum lifecycle carbon footprint for industrial batteries.


Digital product passport required for intermediate and end-use products required.


Minimum recycling level for raw materials.

What is covered?

  • Data tracking required by regulator
  • Fine granular CO2 tracking
  • Data quality tracking (DQR)

How to integrate data?

  • Manufacturer system integration
  • IoT data integration (in-use-phase)
  • Logistic data integration
  • Web dashboard

At all times, we ensure that all legal requirements for batteries are met. This involves compliance with legal regulations for batteries as well as data integration, automated validation and the creation of product passports to comply with legal standards and improve traceability.

Data integration

Easy integration into your existing IT landscape including IoT/OT/IT systems.

Validation & compliance checks

Automated validation and compliance checks to meet internal and regulatory requirements.

Data notarization

Safeguarding integrity of product passport data to reduce security risk and ensure correct reporting.

Our services include legal advice, engineering for carbon footprint assessment, infrastructure support, a software platform for creating a unique digital battery identity and the seamless integration into your company's ecosystem.

Consulting & value added services

Legislation consulting on the boundary conditions for the compliant implementation. CO2 engineering in CO2 footprint assessment as well as definition of reduction measures.

Infrastructure and hosting

The necessary infrastructure for the platform is hosted in a secure cloud environment at AVL.

Platform and application

Software platform and application for creating a unique digital identity for the battery, validate and store data from sources across the supply chain.

Integration services

Seamless integration into the company’s eco-system, providing connections and interfaces to data sources and data sinks.

Udo Schulz

Driven by our passion for innovation, our digital battery passport is the result of combining the latest technologies, our deep application know-how, and decades of regulatory understanding. This unique fusion creates a digital identity for batteries, paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable world.

– Udo Schulz, Senior Product Manager Software Applications, AVL Analytical Technologies

Solution Sheet Battery Passport

Find out how to enable a sustainable and circular battery lifecycle


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