Virtual Function Development – Automated and Connected Mobility

Updates and improvements to AVL’s simulation solution

Software Release - Vehicle - ADAS/AD

The automotive industry is in a constant state of change and along with it your needs. To meet these needs, we at AVL are permanently working on the further development of our products and services to support you in fulfilling your daily tasks.
Here are the highlights of the latest release of our simulation solution for development and virtual validation of automated and autonomous driving functions

The new version of the Scenario Designer introduces support for key features of the ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.1 standard. This is accompanied by many usability improvements for faster workflows such as the redesigned element tree, which offers new shortcut conditions and actions, along with direct access to properties.

Another highlight is the batch export of many concrete scenarios based on parameter variations.

​​​​​​Figure 1: AVL Scenario Designer™

Virtualization of testing is the only viable solution for massive scaling and to manage the resulting testing effort. We now take this one step further by providing a platform that allows you to test your ADAS/AD software stack modules separately in multiple simulation environments. By choosing the adequate model and tool fidelity based on the system under test, costs can be significantly optimized.

Deploy your workloads on local machines or short-term rented virtual clusters in the cloud with our flexible job management system. You can also easily automate your integration and simulation tasks using our powerful Python API.

Figure 2: Scenario simulation platform powered by Model.CONNECT™
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