AVL Fuel Reference

Accuracy across the test field

Ensuring the efficient and professional calibration of AVL fuel consumption measurement devices according to ISO 17025

AVL Fuel Reference

AVL Fuel Reference has a wide range of applications on the testbed. These range from calibration to regulation conformity to fuel consumption measurement plausibility checks. It can also be used for test field-wide comparability checks of fuel consumption measurement results.

Designed to be directly coupled to the fuel consumption measurement device, the AVL Fuel Reference undertakes calibration without any fuel waste or unnecessary recycling costs. With its focus on ease of use, it can reduce the overall calibration effort (including installation and execution of the calibration) by up to 60 minutes.

In order to meet increasingly stringent global emission legislations and deliver drivability and performance, it is vital that testbed measurement devices operate accurately and reliably. Accredited calibration service and verification are fundamental to an effective and efficient development workflow, and at AVL we have a range of products to support this. Among them is AVL Fuel Reference - a comprehensive approach to validation.

Fuel reference

Industry Standard Accuracy

AVL Fuel Reference is a testing solution that offers high repeatability and precise calibration. This is due to its special hydraulic architecture. Compliant with all current and pending legislation regarding fuel consumption measurement devices, it satisfies ISO, EPA 40 CFR Part 1065 and UN ECE R49 standards.

 AVL Fuel Reference is a robust and accurate system. Delivering highly precise and highly reliable results, it ensures that testbed activities can be conducted in confidence. It exists in two versions: one based on the PLU measuring principle and one based on the Coriolis measuring principle. 

Property Unit

Measurement principle

PLU or mass flow
Measurement ranges
Mass flow
0 … 20/150/300 l/h*
0 … 150 / 250 kg/h*
Measurement uncertainty
≤ 0.1 % (acc. to DIN 1319)
1 g /dm³

* With different sensors

User-Centric Design

The AVL Fuel Reference is designed with the user in mind. 

Easy Installation

Commissioning work on the testbed is reduced to 30 minutes. 

Reduced Complexibility

User-friendly application and a high level of automation reduce complexity as well as the potential for human error.


AVL Fuel Reference is compatible with all AVL fuel consumption testing equipment and PLU sensors. This means that engineers do not have to learn to operate multiple devices in order to calibrate the entire measurement chain, including device and test cell integration.

Analyze Measurement Uncertainties

Calibration of the entire measurement chain permits you to analyze measurement uncertainties and their origin and reduce these effectively.
Set-up on test bed – calibration of AVL FuelExact using AVL Fuel Reference.

Improves Reproducibility of Calibration Results

Its hydraulic design ensures realistic pressures and constant flows. This improves the reproducibility of calibration results and helps save time, effort and costs.

Automatic Generation of Calibration Reports

The evaluation algorithms in the operating software and AVL Fuel Reference’s constructive design enable the automatic generation of calibration reports in compliance with the guidelines.

AVL FuelExact™ Mass Flow & PLU
AVL FuelExact Mass Flow PLU

AVL FuelExactTM takes advantage of the well-established and highly precise measurement principles (PLU or Mass Flow) combined with the world’s best fuel temperature control.

AVL Fuel Mass Flow Meter and Fuel Temperature Control
AVL Fuel Mass Flow Meter and Fuel Temperature Control

The AVL Fuel Mass Flow Meter and AVL Fuel Temperature Control combine high accuracy and excellent temperature stability with short measurement times.

Fuel Balance Temperature Control
AVL Fuel Balance and Fuel Temperature Control

A powerful pair of fuel consumption measurement and conditioning devices to enhance development workflow.


Fuel flow meter for close-to-engine applications and the testing of components, engine, and vehicles.

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